What Is a Full HD IPS Display?

What Is a Full HD IPS Display?

If you are looking for a screen, whether a TV or monitor, you will bump into technical terms like Full HD, IPS, LED, LCD, QHD, QLED and OLED. It is easy to confuse these terms, especially if it is your first screen to buy. In this case, what can one expect from a Full HD IPS display?

When it comes to display on screens, you should have two things in mind, one is the color technology used to display the images. The second thing to note is the display resolution of the screen.

The color technology and the screen resolution are the key elements of good quality images. The two screen specs also determine the quality of your viewing angles, and how bright or dark the images look.

If you are planning to buy a new laptop or Smart TV, here is everything you need to know about FHD IPS Display.

What Is Full HD IPS Display? (Quick Answer)

A full HD IPS display is a screen with 1080p resolution and uses the liquid crystal display technology of IPS to display images. The FHD represents the resolution standard and IPS is the display technology of the screen.

What Is FHD?

When a screen has FHD, it has a screen resolution of 1080p. FHD is an improvement of HD display which is 720p but has been overtaken by the UHD display. Full high definition is an amazing resolution for laptops, TVs, and monitors.

What is IPS?

IPS is the acronym for In-Plane Switching. It is one of the types of LCD. Other LCD types are TN (twisted nematic) and VA (vertical alignment). IPS is the best LCD when it comes to viewing angles, especially when viewing from the side.

IPS vs. VA vs. TN

IPS, VA, and TN are types of LCD panels. While IPS has the best images, the other panels surpass it in some features. Here’s how the three panels compare:


IPS is the most expensive of the three panels while TN is the cheapest.


TN is the fastest in performance as it has the lowest response time, while VA is the slowest. IPS lies between TN and VA. The fast performance of TN makes it more preferred for gamers.

Display Quality

IPS has the best color for images and the best viewing angles. VA is better than TN in display but it falls behind IPS.


VN panel is the best for gaming purposes while VA is great for unspecified use and IPS for professional purposes. All the panels flourish in a particular task and your choice depends on the main use of your screen.

Is FHD the Best Screen Resolution?

Although FHD has an amazing display resolution, it is has bigger competitors with better performance. Compared to QHD, FHD delivers half the display capabilities of QHD.


To start with, QHD has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 while FHD has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The difference in the numbers reflects the contrast and sharpness of the images delivered by QHD and FHD. The comparison between the two resolutions lies in the effectiveness for different uses, and the features.


FHD is widely used by gamers and delivers high-quality images. However, in recent times, QHD is much better option for displaying great images for games.

Power Consumption

If you want to save more on power with your TV or PC, FHD is good for energy efficiency. Typically, the higher pixels has image has, the more power is consumed. This makes QHD more power-consuming than FHD.


QHD costs more than FHD as it displays better images. When buying a QHD TV, which high-end smart TV brands like Samsung and LG use, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets, compared to when you are buying a TV with FHD display.


IPS uses LCD technology to display images while LED is a different color technology that uses a backlight to display color. LCD uses panels to display color while LED uses a backlight. The two technologies can co-exist on one screen and work together.

IPS screens are more power-consuming compared to LEDs. This is because IPS displays higher quality clearer images compared to LED screens.

Although the screen response time might be too micro to notice, IPS screens consume more time to respond than LED screens.


While IPS takes the day when it comes to viewing angles, and doing better than VA and TN, it cannot match up to the LED screen brightness. If screen brightness is a priority for you, then LED takes the day.


An FHD IPS display is a TV or PC screen that has a 1920 x 1080p display resolution and displays images using the panel technology of LCD. IPS is a type of LCD color display technology. 

In the past, FHD stood out as the best display, and for most PCs, it was the best screen resolution.  However, with the introduction of QHD, gamers now prefer the newer resolution.IPS can be compared to LED which uses a backlight to display images. With an IPS FHD screen, you should expect high-quality images from the TV or monitor.


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