Why Can’t My Laptop Connect to WiFi? [Try this first]

Why Can't My Laptop Connect to WiFi

A consistent WiFi connection gives the laptop ability to perform all internet activities without lagging or disconnecting. The desire is to game without disconnection or have a few hours of live streaming without worrying about internet connection. Sometimes, this becomes difficult, especially if your laptop can’t connect to wifi. As a laptop owner, this could be frustrating if you need to send an email or have a virtual meeting urgently.

If your laptop can’t connect to WiFi, the first thing to do is check whether WiFi is on. There are times when one forgets to turn on the wifi on the laptop. If you are used to the automatic wifi connection on your laptop, you might not realize that the laptop wifi is not on. The other issue could be faulty router or modem. 

Reasons Why Laptop Can’t Connect to WiFi 

WiFi is Not On

If the WiFi is not on, your laptop cannot connect to WiFi. Turning on wifi sends a signal to your laptop so that it can detect and connect to the available WiFi 

Faulty Internet

If WiFi is on and your laptop still can’t connect, then maybe your internet service has an issue. To confirm this, try and restart your router to see if your laptop will connect to WiFi.

Outdated WiFi Drivers

WiFi Drivers need to be updated now and then. Using outdated drivers could cause your laptop not to connect to WiFi. Any outdated driver on your laptop comes with a share of hardware or software issues.

IP address

Maybe your IP address is hindering a connection on your computer. Check whether your IP address is correct on your laptop.

Tips To Fix Laptop Not Connecting To WiFi Issue

It is easier to fix WiFi issues when you can identify the problem. To know the specific problem, ensure that your laptop WiFi is on. According to what we have identified as reasons why laptop can’t connect to WiFi, below are tips on how the issue can be fixed:


Restart your router or modem. This is a quick solution and works if it’s faulty internet causing the laptop not to connect to WiFi. Restarting your laptop is also a good way of refreshing it. Sometimes, laptop issues are fixed by restarting the computer, allowing it to solve the issue on its own. 

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Uninstalling the WiFi Drivers

If the WiFi Drivers have a problem, your laptop might not connect to WiFi. One way to fix this is uninstallation and reinstallation. 

How to Uninstall WiFi Drivers

  • Click the start button on the laptop
  • On the control panel list, double click on network adapters
  • Once you see a list, right-click on the WiFi driver
  • Click to uninstall
  • Restart the laptop

Check if your laptop connects to WiFi after restarting it.


Running windows troubleshooter is another way to fix laptop WiFi problems. Your laptop might run a diagnosis and provide a solution. To troubleshoot WiFi connection;

  • On the start menu, click on the settings
  • Click on update and security, a list will appear
  • Select troubleshoot
  • Click internet connection
  • Click Run the troubleshooter

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Maybe your laptop or device can connect to WiFi but it is so slow. It is hard to be patient with slow internet, especially if you are gaming with your friends or doing activities that require consistent fast internet. 

The reason why your internet is slow could be:

  • Weak WiFi signal
  • Outdated WiFi router 
  • Low-quality internet plan

 The best solution to these issues is to upgrade your internet plan. This could work wonders, better internet plan should be faster. Although this comes with extra cost, it is worth paying rather than having slow internet. Sometimes, you can go as extreme as changing your internet service provider and finding one that does well in your area of residence. Spectrum Internet offers a reliable and strong connection in most areas in the US. 

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Buying a good router to replace an outdated one also fixes slow internet. Outdated/old routers may not have the ability to keep up with upgraded and faster internet speed. Buying a router a good router does not have to be expensive.

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Laptops fail to connect to the internet sometimes because the WiFi is not on. It’s important to the this first before trying other ways to fix the issue. Keeping your WiFi driver updated is a solution to many internet problems including failed connection. If you have tried all the tips to get your laptop to connect to the internet and it’s not working, you can contact your internet provider to check if they can help you. Fortunately, it is more likely than not that your laptop will have a connection when you try the solutions to fix the laptop not connecting to the internet issue


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