Why Does My Internet Go Out at Night? (7 Quick Fixes)

Why Does My Internet Go Out at Night?

Many of us may have experienced an unexpected internet outage at night, disrupting our daily routines and causing frustration.

But, why does my internet go out at night? Some factors that cause this include external interference, network congestion, and technical issues.

In this article, we explore the reasons behind internet outages at night and provide tips on how to troubleshoot and prevent night outages.

Why Does my Internet Go Out at Night? (Quick Answer!)

Your internet goes out at night probably because there are too many users (heavy traffic), wireless interference, the position of your router, peak hours, and power bump. Furthermore, bad cables and a subpar internet plan can make you lose internet at night.

Causes and Fixes for Internet Going Out at Night

Having steady internet is vital whether at home or work, so let’s examine the possible reasons your internet goes out at night and how to solve these issues.

1. Network Congestion

Your router registers more users when most or all your family members go online especially when they get home in the evening.

Typically, a majority of routers have device limits or a bandwidth restricting the number of gadgets that can access the internet simultaneously, so your router can drop some devices if you overload it.

Streaming or downloading content can also overload your router.


Turning off WiFi on some devices, especially the ones you are not using or adding access points, will help keep your internet signal from going off. You can also buy a router that supports up to 50 devices or more. 

2. How your neighbors use the internet

Your neighbors also influence your internet’s strength to some degree, because the cables connecting the internet to your neighborhood can handle traffic to some extent.

Therefore, your internet can go out at night if your neighbors consume too much traffic.


Try a different frequency or channel to restore your signal.

3. Peak Hours

Internet traffic is typically at its highest from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm when people get home and before bed. This problem is more likely if you are using cable internet.


You can deal with this problem in three ways:

  • Request a higher-speed internet plan from your provider.
  • Get a better network provider.
  • Perform fundamental online tasks during off-peak hours.
  • Change your internet subscription from cable to satellite, DSL, or fiber internet if possible.
Why Does My Internet Go Out at Night?

4. The Position of your Router

Accessing the internet from a different floor or room than the one your router is in, may lead to the loss of signal. This is because obstructions like distance, doors, and concrete walls can interfere with the internet signal.

Therefore, accessing the internet from different rooms or floors in your home at night, whether to access your social media, browse, or stream videos from your bedroom before sleeping, can be problematic if you don’t position your router well.


Purchase a WiFi extender or move your router to a central position.

5. Power Bump

You may also lose internet at night if you connect your router to a similar circuit as heavy-duty household items like the dryer, AC unit, microwave, and washing machine.

You can diagnose this issue by examining the surge protector or splitter since a poor power conditioner can inhibit the flow of power to the router.

Also, connect the router directly to a power outlet to see if the issue goes away.


Make sure the router is on a specific breaker.

Transfer it to a different floor or room using an extension cord.

6. Bad Cables

Faulty cables can create internet outages at random times, so it’s an unlikely cause if your internet goes out at specific times at night.

Bad cables can go unnoticed since they are usually hidden in hard-to-reach areas or beneath the TV console, so check your cable cords’ integrity regularly.


Replace worn-out cable. A new ethernet cable will cost you about 20 dollars or less, and pick the right length (it should be long enough to reach the power outlet but not too long that it dilutes the energy source.

7. Subpar Internet Plan

Your internet outages at night can be attributed to having a low-tier internet plan that cannot handle a lot of traffic, leading to slow internet. This can crash or overload your network at night when everyone at home is using the internet.


The simplest and most practical solution for this issue is upgrading to a better internet plan, but it might not be the most affordable. Moreover, your ISP can offer solutions to boost performance while limiting costs.

Video: How to Make Your WiFi Fast


Fixing the loss of internet at night enhances your browsing, viewing, or gaming experience.

Troubleshooting the issues is essential, and this guide has offered a detailed look into the possible causes and recommended solutions.

However, ensuring you have the best possible internet plan and a good router, is always best.


Krystin is a certified IT specialist who holds numerous IT certifications and has a decade plus experience working in Tech. She is a systems administrator for a Seattle IT firm, and she is a leading voice/advocate for Women in Tech. She has been an on-air guest for various radio stations discussing recent tech releases.

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