Why Is My Laptop Magnetic?

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Sometimes, the laptop can pick up a metal pin or coin. Does your laptop react the same? Maybe you are wondering why your laptop is magnetic. Or maybe you think this could mean that your laptop has a problem. Well, if your laptop is magnetic, you can sigh and know that this happens.

Modern laptops contain two magnets on the hard drives. The magnets control the write or read heads. The speakers of your laptop also contain magnets. Your laptop powers up because of magnets that create an electrical current. These combined make the laptop magnetic.

Can This Cause Harm To My Laptop?

You are probably worried about damage. The good news is, there is no possible harm with your laptop being damaged. The magnets inside your laptop can not cause any damage. Since the magnets are functional for the speakers and hard drive, they are safe and there is no cause for worry about damage.

Can My Laptop Have Magnets On Different Parts?

Yes. Your laptop could contain magnets on different parts. Depending on the model, your laptop could have more than two places where a magnet is placed. The speakers have magnets that help it function, and the hard drive has magnets.

In some cases, you find that there are magnets on the top of the screen and the touchpad. The magnets hold the screen to the keyboard when you close it. This is dependent on the model of your laptop. For example, the HP Z book has a magnet near the right-hand bottom corner and on the screen in the same position.

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Can a Magnet Erase My Hard Drive?

This is possible but in rare circumstances is a magnet capable of destroying the hard drive. This is because you need a strong magnet to wreck a hard drive. The size of the magnet capable of destroying a hard drive is 2-inch N52 neodymium. The magnet should have a force of 450 lbs for it to be destructive.

It is not possible to accidentally leave a magnet as powerful as that directly on your hard drive. This has to be intentional. It is rare to have magnets of that size and force laying around your household. You don’t have to worry about your hard drive getting destroyed by a magnet. It is a rare possibility.

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Does the Screen Magnet Put the Laptop To Sleep?

Maybe your laptop goes to sleep when you close it. As mentioned earlier, some laptop models have a magnet on the screen and around the touchpad to hold it together once you close it. In some cases, the laptop can go to sleep when you close it. This could be a natural reaction due to the settings or model of your laptop. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that is going to sleep because of the magnet.

Can a Magnet Affect the Quality Of the Screen?

A magnet cannot affect the quality of your screen or the ability of your screen to give a good display. As discussed earlier, the internal magnets of your laptop are functional and harmless. Also, placing a magnet near your screen will not damage or affect its quality. This is why;

  • It will require a large size magnet to cause damage.
  • The force needed to do harm to the screen is high
  • The internal magnets are not known to affect the quality of any parts of your laptop

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Should I remove the Magnet From My Laptop?

The magnets in your laptop are there for a purpose. They help your hard drive and speakers function properly. This means that without them, there is a possibility of dysfunction in your laptop. You don’t need to remove the magnet in your laptop as it could lead to dysfunction. As long as your laptop is functioning well and the magnets do not pose any threat to you or your laptop, there is no need to be rid of them.

Laptop Magnet And Data

The question here is, can the laptop magnet affect data? The hard drive depends on magnets for data storage. Your data relies on the magnets in your hard drive for storage. The billions of tiny magnets that coat the hard drive are responsible for storing data. They cannot erase data if they store it.


It is not unusual for your laptop to react to the magnetic object. This only means that it contains magnets. Magnets are good for the functionality of the laptop. It is good to have information about why the laptop is magnetic.

As discussed above, the only reason why your laptop is magnetic is purely functional. Having this information, you can rule out the myths about a magnetic laptop. You should know that it is safe for your laptop to be magnetic.


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