How to Get Files Off a Broken Laptop Screen (Try This Option First!)

How to get files off a broken laptop screen

It is possible for a laptop screen to spoil without warning. Sometimes, the screen just dies all of a sudden and you still have files on the laptop that you might urgently need. Maybe your laptop screen messed you up this way and now you are wondering how to retrieve the files from the laptop. Taking the laptop for repair takes time and you need your files immediately.

The easiest way to get files from a broken laptop screen is by connecting it to a monitor so that you can access the files. For this to happen, your laptop must be functional. Also, you need to make sure that the laptop has the necessary ports that can connect to a monitor. The laptop should have VGA, HDMI, or a display port.

How to Tell if Your Laptop Can Connect To a Monitor

It is quite simple to know if your laptop can connect to a monitor or an external display. Your laptop needs input ports. As mentioned earlier, for your laptop to connect to a monitor or tv, it needs to have a display port or VGA or HDMI input.

The HDMI port is usually labeled on the side or back of your laptop. All laptop input ports are usually either on the right, left, or backside of your laptop. It is easy to locate the ports. In most laptops, the ports are labeled for clarity.

Step by Step on How To Connect The Laptop To An External Display

Now that you know if you connect your laptop to an external display, you can retrieve your files even with a laptop with a broken screen, you must know how to correctly connect it to the display.

After confirming that your laptop has the needed input ports, confirm whether the external display has the ports too. Whether you will use the tv or a monitor, you need a functional cable to connect the two.

  • Check the type of output and input ports available
  • Ensure that the cable to be used, whether VGA or HDMI, is functional
  • Locate the port of the external display
  • Plugin the HDMI or VGA cable on the relevant port in your laptop and do the same on the external display
  • The external display is usually able to detect and display the files from your laptop

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What if I cannot Access An External Display?

We have dwelled on how to retrieve your files from a broken laptop screen through an external display. However, you might not have the external display, or maybe you cannot access it immediately.

Removing the laptop hard drive is also a way to recover the files from your laptop. This method is recommended only when you have no other option or when your laptop is completely dysfunctional, not just for a broken laptop screen. This is coz you have to take your laptop apart and disassemble it to get the hard drive out.

Can a Laptop Screen Be Replaced?

Yes, a laptop screen can be replaced. Once you have a broken laptop screen, the only answer is to replace it or buy a new laptop. The replacement should be done by laptop hardware professional. First, you need to find out how much it will cost to replace the screen inclusive of labor. Then you can budget and get the actual replacement.

Is a Laptop Screen Replacement Worth It?

Laptop screen costs differ depending on the model of the laptop. Some are pricey, others are budget-friendly. If the cost of replacing the laptop screen is more expensive than the cost of a new laptop that could work the same as the one you have, then it is better to get a new laptop. However, in many cases, the price of getting a laptop screen replacement is usually lower than the price of the laptop.

What Causes a Broken Laptop Screen?

Here are some of the reasons why the laptop screen could break down;

  • Shock. Specifically, the physical shock causes a laptop screen to break down. Major impacts like knocking the screen with an object are a death sentence of the screen.
  • Mishandling. Pick the laptop while holding the screen can cause distress or too much pressure on the screen causing it to breakdown
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures. If you leave the laptop out for long in extremely high temperature, it could cause screen damage

In conclusion,

A broken laptop screen does not mean you will never get the files on your laptop. As we have seen from the information above, it is easy to retrieve files from a laptop with a broken screen. The easiest way is through an external display using inputs and relevant cables to do the work.

You can even work with a laptop with a broken screen using an external display if you are not ready to replace the screen immediately. The laptop screen replacement cost depends on the model of your laptop and should be done by a professional.


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