5 Best Router for Spectrum 100Mbps- 2024 Overview

best router for spectrum 100mbps

Getting the best router for spectrum 100mbps internet is a daunting task.

While renting a modem router from Spectrum is an option, the market has dozens of good options that you can consider on budget.

In fact, renting a modem router from the internet service provider can be an expensive option than buying.

Not to worry, this guide will take you through the best routers for Spectrum that are not only pocket friendly, but also meet all your network needs. This lineup has the best options in the market in terms of;

  • Performance
  • Network Coverage
  • Price
  • Control

In the end, you’ll find a suitable router that covers the basics of all what you need. So let’s get to it.

TP-Link Archer A7Most Popular

Linksys EA 7500- Best Budget

Netgear Nighthawk RAX200- Best Value

Best Routers for Spectrum 100mbps Internet: Top Picks

Linksys EA 7500

Are you looking for a router that can support multiple devices, perform at top speed, and has the latest software? Go for the Linksys EA 7500, its hands down the best router for Spectrum.

The design has everything you can ever want in a router. First, the antennas strengthen the signal reach of the router to every part of your home or office and they keep the network cover stable throughout.

And if you’d like to extend the network reach, use the Beamforming technology that is available in this router.

On the side, there’s the USB 3.0, plus Gigabit ports to connect any wired devices. And for smaller file transfers, you will be happy using the USB 2.0 port available on the device.

With the latest MU-MIMO technology, you have the option of connecting as many users at once, streaming more 4K HD videos, and playing games for long hours.

Additionally, this dual-band router supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with speeds ranging from 600Mbps or 1200Mbps, depending on the bandwidth. When both bands combine, the speed goes to 1.9Gbps, which is higher than what most ISPs provide.

Not forgetting that you get to control the router settings remotely through the app, and also have full parental access to the network.

Netgear Nighthawk RAX200

Netgear always goes beyond our expectations, and this high-performance router is proof of that.

In addition to the cheap price tag, you get a Wifi 6 standard router that can swiftly connect multiple users. Network coverage is also not a problem going by the eight antennas hidden inside the fins on top. They boost the signal strength of the router to give you a stable connection.

Besides, if there happens to be some slug in the connection, you have the Beamforming to boost the network coverage. With the increasing number of network hacks, you’ll be pleased to know that the RAX200 comes with;

  • An Impenetrable Firewall System
  • A VPN
  • Guest access network

Finally, this tri-band router has a dynamic QoS, perfect for all your streaming options, and multiple user connections.

Motorola MG7550

If you want a router that packs a modem, and still connects to the spectrum internet, take the MG7550.

For what it’s worth, this router has a premium upright design that occupies a small space and also allows the processor to cool down much faster.

You will also experience no connection issues with this router, and if by any chance there is a slag, you can plug into any one of the four 1Gigabit LAN ports present. As a bonus, you can boost the network speed and coverage with the Motorola boost feature.

This dual-band router runs on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, meaning it can accommodate many users without any downtimes. While on the subject of speed, this device can go up to 650Mbps and as such you can do any heavy data tasks with ease.

Lastly, this router has built-in firewalls to protect the network from any attacks and a Broadcom modem chipset that prevents any denial from service attacks.

Netgear R6700

Budget-friendly routers that pair well with the Spectrum Internet are hard to come across. And it is best to make them a priority, when the opportunity presents itself.

R6700, ticks every box in regards to all that. This dual-band router offers excellent speeds of up to 1750Mbps, with network coverage that exceeds the needs of the average home. This router supports up to 12 users at the same time.

Nevertheless, you won’t have any lagging issues with this router. And if that’s not enough, you can increase the network reach around the house or office, through the Beamforming technology.

For the hardcore gamers, streamers and surfers, you get hours of uninterrupted session, through the advanced QoS. And when you’re so deep into the entertainment activities, you can still have the chance to monitor the network, through the parental control system.

TP-Link Archer A7

At the very least, you want a router that meets all your network needs and has a relatively low price. The TP-Link Archer A7 covers all the basics, from speed, to coverage, and even in the design. What’s more, it pairs seamlessly with Spectrum Internet Service.

This router stands out with its unique design. It has three LAN ports for wired connections, and a wireless connection feature that allows users to connect remotely from an adjacent room or 2-story house. This makes the TP-Link so unique, and sets it apart from other routers.

The other two ports at the back get enough support from the router’s stand and can connect any wired devices. And when you have multiple heavy streaming users in the house, they can enjoy 4K HD service, with speeds going up to 1750Mbps.

Keeping an eye on the network activity when you’re away from home or office is very important. And as such, this app makes it easy for you to do that through the TP-Link app. With this app, you can also adjust any settings and handle any security concerns in the network.

What is Charter Spectrum? 

Charter Spectrum is a US-based company that has established itself as one of the bulwarks in the delivery of cable Internet, related services, and infrastructure.

The firm has a presence in at least forty-one US states, serving a sizable population that tops 25 million people across the country.

It’s a market leader in broadband coverage in the United States and it has been making brisk steps to enhance its offers and provisions to existing and potential customers.

In May 8, 2016, the firm acquired Time Warner Cable Company along with BrightHouse in a bid to expand its reach to a wider market base.

So How Fast is Charter Spectrum Internet? 

The advent of cable Internet allows you to access high-speed connection and Spectrum seeks to take this experience to a completely new level.

Today, they offer a range of Internet speeds designed to meet your needs at different levels. Whether you run a business that demands internet access or you love it when your home is connected, this company has just the right package for you.

These speeds maximize utility while at the same time ensuring that you have access to the content you desire.

It’s important to note that the speeds you get depend on the specific tiers that you purchase. Concisely, the company provides a simple suite of speeds, allowing you to make an informed decision before buying a package.

The options range from the slow download speed of 30Mbps to a high of one gigabyte per second. On the upload side, the speeds range from up to 4Mbps to highs of 60Mbps.

The Internet 30 plan is the simplest package of them all, with its download speeds hitting a maximum of 30Mbps while the upload side offers highs of 4Mbps.

The second plan is Internet 60, a package offering you maximum download speeds of 60Mbps and 10Mbps on the upload side.

Things seem to get better as we progress to the Internet 100, which offers you download speeds that hit a high of 100Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps.

The Internet 200 package achieves a blistering download speeds that can clock 200Mbps, although the upload speeds remain unchanged at 10Mbps.

Its big brother, the Internet 400 plan comes with swift download speeds designed to achieve the highs of 400Mbps while the upload speed more than triples its nearest rival to highs of 35Mbps.

Speeds get crazily high for the last two super plans, which the company designed for the most demanding customers who want truckloads of content transmitted within the shortest period possible.

The ultra-fast plans, which include 940Mbps and 1 Gigabyte per second download speeds, are suitable for the content Giants of the planet.

The high download speeds ensure that users with hundreds of computers can simultaneously load content with no lag time. The two ultra-fast plans come with significant upload speeds that may top 60Mbps.


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