Do Laptop Stand Help Cooling?

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For a laptop owner, overheating can be stressful especially if you use your laptop regularly for long hours. Sometimes, the fan does cool it but we need extra cooling to avoid overheating. If your laptop overheats especially when gaming, it could slow down or interfere with its performance.

A laptop stand helps cool. Keeping your laptop raised allows good air circulation, keeping it cool as opposed to the laptop sitting on your laps or table. While the laptop stand keeps your laptop cool, it also has other benefits. For example, it prevents your eyes from straining and your neck from pain while working with the laptop.

How Can You Prevent A Laptop From Overheating?

Do Not Expose Your Laptop To Direct Sun Or Heat

Your laptop is made of some plastic parts that can expand when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Exposing your laptop to the sun for long can cause your battery to strain and your hard drive to expand. Also, do not leave your laptop in the car when it is hot as it could cause the same damage.

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Check Your Fans

When using your laptop, ensure that your fans are functioning properly. You should feel hot air blowing from your fans. If not, ensure that the fan is not dusty. If you notice that your fan is broken, take it to a professional for replacement.

Get A Laptop Cooler

For additional overheating control, you can buy a laptop cooler. A laptop cooler is great especially if you normally place your laptop on the bed or couch. A laptop cooler contains multiple fans that help prevent overheating. They are a must-have if you like using your laptop on surfaces that are not flat.

Ensure That Your Laptop Is Elevated

You can use a laptop stand for this case. It elevates your laptop, therefore allowing free movement of air. This prevents your laptop from overheating. Cooling pads are also good at elevating the laptop.

How Can You Choose A Good Laptop Stand?      

Since you now know that a laptop stand will help with the heating issues, it is good to understand the laptop stand you should be looking for.

What Is the Best Material For A Laptop Stand?

Laptop stands are mostly made of either wood, metal, or plastic. Plastic and wooden laptops tend to trap heat. Therefore, if you want a plastic or wooden laptop stand, choose the one with cooling pads. A metal laptop stand is great for an overheating laptop.

Why Is a Versatile Laptop Stand Recommended?

A versatile laptop stand is flexible enough to be reliable on all surfaces. It can be used on the couch, while on the bed, and when standing. This will save you space and money. You can also have the cooling benefits of the stand wherever you want.

Do Laptop Stands Come With Fans?

Not all laptop stands have fans for cooling. However, a good laptop stand should help with cooling your laptop. If your laptop usually overheats, you should choose a laptop stand with fans for extra cooling.

What Are the Bonus Features For a Laptop Stand?

It is great that a laptop stand will help with cooling. But it is the bonus features that are exciting. There are stands with built-in USB ports to plug in extra devices. Also, if your use a mouse pad, there are stands with adjustable mouse pads.

What Is the Advantage Of a Tilting Laptop Stand?

They prevent eye glaring caused by a laptop fixed in a single position. This ensures that your eyes are well-protected. It also ensures that you can adjust the height of your laptop, improving your posture while working with the laptop. The tilting also allows better circulation of air for your laptop, which helps in cooling.

Laptop Stand VS Cooling Pads

While laptop stands help with better air circulation within the laptop, cooling pads on the other hand use organic salts or fans to help cool the laptop. Note that a laptop stand cannot replace your inbuilt fans but cooling pads can act on behalf of the built-in fans.

A laptop stand is designed to fit all laptops whereas a cooling pad fits ranges of laptops. Having a laptop stand allows you to work on any surface. Both the laptop stand and cooling pad can be adjusted to your desired height. Both of them offer a great cooling effect.

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A laptop stand is a must-have to improve the cooling of your laptop as you work with it. The cooling benefits of a laptop stand are numerous. Because a laptop stand will give both cooling aids and keep you comfortable as you work or game, you need one.

Remember that a laptop stand cannot take the place of an inbuilt laptop cooling system. There is a need to take care of your laptop fan by regularly cleaning it. If your fan is broken, take it to a professional for repair or replacement.


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