How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop? (Quick Fix)

How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop

A laptop mouse helps the laptop user access documents, folders, apps, and other files on the laptop. If the functionality of the mouse is interfered with, it becomes stressful to work on the laptop. When a mouse is locked and doesn’t work, it can also be termed a frozen mouse. To get the mouse to work again, you have to unlock/unfreeze it.

To unlock the mouse, double-tap the laptop touchpad. This is one of the quickest ways how to unlock mouse on laptop. Sometimes, laptop brands like Dell have a sensitive area on the touchpad where if you long-press it, the mouse is locked. You can long-press the sensitive area to unlock or unfreeze the mouse.

How To Unlock Mouse On Laptop

1. Troubleshooting

When laptop parts refuse to work, troubleshooting helps in identifying the problem and suggesting a solution. Troubleshoot the external mouse, if this is what your laptop uses. For laptops using the touchpad, troubleshoot the touchpad.

2. Restarting the Laptop

When the mouse is not working, you can restart your laptop top to see if this solves the issue. To restart your laptop:

  • Click the power button
  • Select restart
  • Wait for the laptop to restart
  • Log into your laptop and check whether the mouse is working

3. Update the Mouse Driver

When laptop drivers are outdated, it develops issues. Perhaps the mouse drivers on your laptop are outdated. Updating the mouse drivers is one solution to mouse issues and this is how you update the Mouse drivers:

  • Locate the start menu and click on it to access the device manager
  • Click on mice and pointing devices
  • Right-click on the mouse then click on update
  • Search for updated driver software
  • If the driver is available, update it using the instructions
  • Restart your laptop

There’s another way to update the mouse driver without going through the manual process. This is more recommended than the manual way. To have automatic updates, download Driver Easy and install it on your laptop. Run it to scan the outdated drivers on your laptop. Click on update to get an automatic update.

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4. Enable the Mouse on Device Manager

When your laptop’s mouse has been disabled, it becomes locked. To enable it, access the device manager, then click on mice and other pointing devices. If you see an exclamation mark, this means your mouse is disabled.

5. See a Laptop Expert

If all suggested solutions fail, perhaps your laptop hardware expert can crack the issue. When the laptop’s inbuilt mouse won’t work, it could be the laptop touchpad having issues. This can be identified and fixed by a laptop hardware/ software expert.

What Cause Inbuilt Laptop Mouse Issues?

The inbuilt mouse uses a laptop touchpad to operate. Some laptop owners prefer using external wireless or wired mouse due to convenience. Inbuilt laptop mouse issues include:

  • Mouse freezing
  • Mouse partially working

Laptop Mouse Issues could be caused by:

 Outdated drivers

When mouse drivers are outdated, your laptop could develop mouse issues. Outdated drivers also cause power issues on the laptop, touchpad issues, and connectivity issues.

Damaged Touchpad

The touchpad is the tool used by the mouse. When it is damaged, the only way to use the mouse is by getting an external mouse. The touchpad develops issues when mishandled by spilling fluids on it or being too rough with it.

Laptop Software Issues

If your laptop has been attacked by malicious software, it could develop mouse issues. Sometimes, the laptop simply needs a restart to help it organize its software and resume standard functionality.

Laptop Touchpad Maintenance

Good laptop touchpad maintenance enhances mouse functionality. Take note of these tips:

  • Minimize spillage of liquids on your laptop touchpad to zero
  • Avoid using oily and dirty hands on the laptop touchpad
  • Updated the laptop touchpad drivers in time
  • Handle the laptop touchpad gently
  • Exercise regular cleaning of the laptop touchpad

How To Clean the Laptop Touchpad

Cleaning the laptop touchpad is a regular routine for laptop maintenance. To properly clean the laptop touchpad, you need a piece of cloth and an alcohol-based cleaner like isopropyl. To clean the touchpad:

  • Pour a good amount of isopropyl/ alcohol-based cleaner on a piece of cloth
  • Gently rub the damp cloth on the laptop touchpad
  • Rub the cloth until the touchpad is oil and dirt-free

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A locked laptop mouse causes inconvenience for laptop users because accessing laptop files without the mouse is another process. Laptop Mouse can be locked by accident when the laptop touchpad is wrongly handled. Outdated drivers are another cause of the touchpad issue, among others.

The only situation where you need a laptop expert to help you with the locked touchpad is when unable to apply the solutions above. Also, if you spilled liquid on the touchpad and it refuses to work, you need a laptop expert to handle this. Remember to exercise proper care for your laptop touchpad and all other laptop hardware.


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