Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working [Try This First!]

Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working

The laptop Touchpad helps you maneuver your laptop easily without having to reach out for a mouse. It is an easy way to operate the laptop and access apps, files, docs, and anything on your laptop. When the touchpad has issues, using it is not possible. This can stop laptop use if you do not have the backup of a mouse.

Dell laptop touchpad not working could mean that the touchpad has hardware or software issues. Touchpad hardware issues may result from pressure on the laptop touchpad or laptop liquid accident. To solve the dell laptop touchpad not working problem, identifying the issue is the first step to the solution. Getting specific on the cause of the dysfunction will enable you to get the best solution.

Why Is My Dell Laptop Touch Pad Not Working?

Hardware Problem

If you spilled coffee or water on the touchpad recently or a while back, this could cause the touchpad to have issues. Another hardware issue on a Dell touchpad is applying too much pressure on it.

Touchpad Has Been Disabled

There’s an area on the laptop touch that ad when long pressed can disable the touchpad. If you have accidentally long pressed the area, this could be the reason why the touchpad is not working

Software Issues

Software issues that could cause the laptop touchpad not to work include outdated drivers. When touchpad drivers are outdated, they interfere with laptop hardware, including the touchpad.

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How To Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Once you identify the issues causing the laptop touchpad not to work, it is easy to solve it. Try this to fix dell laptop touchpad not working:

Enable the Touchpad

It is common for dell laptop owners to disable the touchpad unknowingly. When one long-presses the touchpad disabling area, usually on the top left side of the laptop, it is supposed to enable the Touchpad. This applies if the touchpad had been disabled by the same procedure.

Updated the Touchpad drivers

Outdated drivers cause many laptop issues. Ensure that the touchpad hard drive is up to date. These are the steps to update laptop touchpad drivers:

  1. On the start button, search device manager
  2. Find the mouse and other pointing devices by scrolling down
  3. Expand the mouse and other pointing devices
  4. On the pointing devices, right-click on the Dell touchpad option
  5. Click on properties and enable the Dell touchpad
  6. Move to the driver’s tab and launch the update drivers window

Through BIOS settings

You do not need the touchpad to access the BIOS setting. Through BIOS settings, you can restore the laptop touchpad functioning. Below are steps on how to activate the dell laptop touchpad through BIOS settings:

  • Press F2 repeatedly to access/prompt BIOS settings
  • On advanced settings, find internal pointing device
  • Enable internal pointing device if it is disabled
  • Press F10 to save changes
  • Check whether the touchpad is working

Fixing Hardware

In case you spilled liquid on your Delll laptop touchpad, it could a hardware issue. If you suspect that the laptop touchpad has hardware issues, the best way to solve it is to get a replacement. A laptop hardware expert should do the touchpad replacement. Note that the touchpad area is sensitive and should be handled by someone with expertise on the same.

How To Take Care Of the Laptop Touchpad

Taking proper care of the laptop touchpad will increase durability for the touchpad and save you cost for repairs. It is essential to know the basics of how to take care of the laptop hardware; the screen, keyboard, touchpad, battery, and laptop surface in general. Keeping your laptop clean and neat adds up to laptop durability. Apply these tips to take care of your laptop touchpad:

  • Do not touch and use the laptop touchpad with wet or damn fingers. Dry your hands completely before using the laptop touchpad. If your hands sweat when working, dry them frequently when using the touchpad.
  • Avoid using the touchpad with oily fingers. Wash the oil off your hands before using the laptop touchpad.
  • Do not eat or drink near the laptop to minimize spilling accidents on the laptop
  •  Clean the laptop touchpad after use with a soft clean cloth
  • Do not be rough on the laptop touchpad, especially when cleaning it


When the dell laptop touchpad is not working, accessing the laptop is hard without the alternative of a mouse. This issue can be fixed when the root cause is identified. Touchpad hardware issues can be fixed by replacing the laptop touchpad. This should be done by a professional.

Updating touchpad drivers and accessing BIOS settings fixes the laptop’s touchpad when it is a software issue. Often, laptop users interfere with the laptop touchpad functionality by long-pressing the upper left corner of the laptop touchpad. Caring for the laptop touchpad helps avoid touchpad issues as is with other laptop hardware.


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