Is Dell a Good Laptop Brand?

Is Dell a Good Laptop Brand

Dell ranks as one of the most popular laptop brands in the world. Multiple times laptop owners have owned a Dell at some point. Dell is an American brand name after Michael Dell. This multinational company is reputable for its affordable laptops. For instance, the Dell Inspiron 14 5000 is a decent model, with good hardware, and is a cheap option for a laptop.

Dell is a good laptop brand. For a laptop to rank as one of the top 5 laptop brands in the world, it has been approved as reliable, good quality, and has good customer reviews. Dell has also unveiled competitive premium laptops like the Dell XPS 15, which has an excellent OLED screen, powerful processor, and features a slim, lightweight design.

What Are the Strengths Of Dell Laptops?

To be considered a world-class big laptop brand, Dell has some competitive strengths, and here are some of them:

Affordable Options

Although Dell has premium and pricey laptops with out-of-this-world features, it also has cheap options for low budgets. These cheap Dell laptops have good features compared to their prices and are perfect for less demanding tasks like personal use and study. The Dell Chromebook 11 for instance is a low-budget laptop that goes for around 100$. Other budget options or Dell laptops are:

  • Dell Inspiron 3593 10th Generation Intel
  • Dell Inspiron 15.6” Touch Screen

Dell has been noted for innovating powerful laptops that have unbeatable capabilities even when compared to MacBooks. The XPS series has powerful laptops with super capabilities, even for gaming. One notable difference between the Dell XPS series and other powerful laptops is that Dell successfully made this series with all the amazing powerful features with the advantage of the laptop being lightweight. While other powerful laptops from other brands struggle with the heavyweight, the XPS series is delightfully lighter.


Dell laptops are made of resilient hardware that can withstand accidents like falling. Laptop owners do not plan accidents but they happen; this requires a strong laptop that can withstand several falls or knockings. Studies have been done to compare durability and dell laptops are proven more durable than many brands.


Dell laptops have a considerably reliable battery life, processor, and hardware. While having a reliable laptop heavily depends on the specs, which directly affects the amount of money spent on the laptop, even budget dell laptops are good. It is important to invest in a newer laptop rather than an outdated version.

Premium Dell Laptop Series

These are the high-end laptops from dell. They have exceptional features and perform excellently in their area of specialization or any task delegated.


The Dell Alienware is a gaming laptop line. These laptops have the best features to facilitate the best gaming experience. Features of this series are:

  • Great battery life
  • Silky, stain-resistant finish
  • Rich display with recent NVIDIA graphics
  • Excellent cooling
  • Slim design

XPS Series

If you are a programmer, this laptop is a great choice because of its making and capabilities. The XPS laptop is one of the latest innovations from dell. This series features powerful laptops that are worthy to be compared to the Apple MacBook pro. XPS features include:

  • It has an OLED screen which delivers the perfect display
  • It has a large screen
  • Excellent keyboard
  • The Intel processors are impressive

Dell Precision

If you are looking for a mobile device working station in a laptop, the precision series has something in store for you. This series is perfect for business purposes. Featuring an excellent 4k display, and a slim and lightweight design among other impressive features, this laptop delivers great performance for mobile business. Mobile businesses also require proper systems and management.

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What Are the Deal Breakers For Dell Laptops

Even the best laptop brands have downsides. Nothing is made perfect. Dell laptops have their share of shortcomings, depending on the model. However, there are general weaknesses affecting the whole brand. These include:

Lack of Medium End Laptops

Dell laptop brand is known for manufacturing good affordable laptops and good high-end laptops. But there is a gap in between. When it comes to average budget laptops, dell does not have great options. Most people end up settling for the cheap choice of going over their budget to get good high-end laptops.


Dell laptops are heavy compared to other laptop models. However, the high-end dell laptops feature a slim design that is much more portable.

Battery life

The dell gaming laptops have a short battery life

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A laptop brand that offers great features and is reliable is a winner in the laptop industry. Dell takes care of its laptop owners by making durable laptops and offering a variety of options for low-budget laptops.

The gaming laptop series is excellent and has the best features to match its high price. These laptops are the best in gaming. The downsides of not having good options or mid-end laptops do not cancel dell as a big brand worth considering.


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