Are Alienware Laptops Worth It?

Are Alienware laptops worth it

Alienware is a brand from a Dell subsidiary located in America. Dell is famous for making very powerful laptops for gaming globally. Alienware laptop is one of their top products, designed to be extremely powerful and has a unique outlook.

For hardcore gamers and media developers, Alienware laptops are a perfect fit. Despite having a high price, the laptop brand comes with brilliant features that are worth every coin. Depending on how you want to use the laptop and whether you are a tech person, the decision of whether the Alienware laptop is worth it will depend on your ability to analyze the pros and cons.

The unique features of the Alienware laptop include; a hyper-efficient voltage regulator, game-enhancing features, and uninterrupted display technologies that are vividly described in the advantages below. They focus majorly on performance, speed, and strength to perfect users’ gaming experience.

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Best Alienware Laptops You Can Buy

Here are the best ranked Alienware laptops that you can consider:

Alienware M15 R6 gaming laptop- Best budget

Alienware m17 R4, 17.3 inch full HD – Best value

Alienware m17 R3, 17.3 inch FHD- Most popular

Alienware m17 R4, 17.3 inch full HD

This is the latest addition to alien ware’s laptop brand. It comes with a brand new RTX 3020 graphics card and 360 Hz display making it one of the fastest laptops in the market when it comes to gaming. It is a recent update and a more improved version of Alienware R3.

Its case is made from a white alloy of magnesium and has some parts with black plastic elements. This makes it have a very high quality and even gap dimensions. The way it is constructed is quite rigid having few changes noted. However, the weight and dimensions are similar to those of Alienware M17 R3.

Pros and cons of alienware m17 R4

  • At a recommended level, it can run some of the biggest games on your laptop. Games like; PUBG, mine craft, and Fortnite.
  • Features the new RTX3070 which gives gamers and creators ultimate performance.
  • It is not compromised by mechanical or electrical means. It has the latest thermal technology that has advanced cryo-tech for the gaming performance of the system.
  • It offers incredible display options, having thin left and right bezels that boost the visual experience.
  • It is lighter and slimmer compared to other 17 inch models.
  • Has a good build quality
  • It is durable due to the casing of magnesium alloy.
  • Lacks lag in its performance.
  • Despite overheating it does not throttle.
  • The fans are noisy even when the speed is half.
  • It overheats a lot.
  • Few USB ports.
  • It is expensive to purchase.
  • Very heavy casing
  • Consumes a lot of power and you will be forced to use it while plugged in.

Alienware m17 R3, 17.3 inch FHD

Alienware m17 r3 laptop has a 10th generation processor, Intel core i7-10750H, making it one of the boldest gaming beasts available in the market. It is built with hexagonal air vents, RGB lightings which include in the logo, honeycomb venting just above the keyboard area, a huge single hinge, and an excellent magnesium alloy casing of high quality.

Moreover, it has a thick screen that barely flexes fixed with a sturdy underside panel. It weighs around 2.94 kg and has a thickness of 22mm. Its price ranges between 2000$ up to 3649$. It comes with an excellent keyboard, a very smooth, high-quality screen, and can handle a variety of games since it is extremely powerful.


  • Has good graphics and its overall performance is epic.
  • Comes with very nice features
  • The build quality is amazing
  • A bit thin for gaming laptops.


  • Very low battery life
  • Annoyingly loud
  • It overheats often
  • It is expensive.
  • Has tiny speakers with poor bass
  • Lacks AMD chip
  • Heat causes it to throttle to preserve battery performance.

Nothing lacks disadvantages including this laptop brand. However, the cons are very few compared to the advantages. Moreover, they are easily manageable since most of them apply for most, if not all, gaming laptops

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Alienware M15 R6 gaming laptop

It has windows 11 home and pro which makes your gaming experience enjoyable. Carrying a 360Hz display makes it extremely fast in refresh rates, guaranteeing great visual performance. It offers smooth gameplay and has high-speed action due to NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. The screen uses a low blue light technology that favors your eyes.

It is installed with a dual-fan fitted on all sides of the laptop that allows air to flow in and out through vents. Its price in the market ranges about 2859.99 $.which is expensive but the price goes with quality.


  • Incredible performance
  • A 360Hz full HD screen display
  • It has RTX 3080 among others


  • They include having a plastic casing making it less durable
  • Can get heated
  • The fans are loud

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Final words

If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then Alienware is the right laptop for you. However, from the top examples of Alienware laptop brands, it is clear that most disadvantages apply to all gaming laptops. Do not be persuaded to look more on the negative side since it is common to all gaming laptops instead let the features and pros influence the choice you will make. Go for what will give you quality performance and fit your budget.



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