How to Clean Laptop Touchpad? (Proven Methods!)

How to Clean Laptop Touchpad

Most of the time, cleaning a laptop touchpad is done casually. In some cases, we use our bare hands or dry paper. One can be tempted to assume that the touchpad is clean unless there are stains on it. To maintain the laptop, every part should be cleaned well and regularly.

With the proper tools, cleaning a touchpad is easy. You need to switch off your laptop for any cleaning. Using a damp cotton cloth, wipe the touchpad thoroughly but gently, being rough could lead to damage. After that, use isopropyl on cotton clothe to rub through the touchpad again for dirt that didn’t come off.

What Can Be Used To Clean the Laptop Touchpad?

To clean a laptop touchpad, you need a few readily available materials. These materials are; dry cotton cloth, damp cotton cloth, some water, isopropyl, a soft brush, and glass cleaner. It is not a must-have for the soft brush unless you intend to disassemble the laptop touchpad and clean it thoroughly. The most important materials are dry and damp clothe, water and isopropyl. The isopropyl should be 70% alcohol for disinfecting the touchpad.

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How About an Oily Touchpad?

More often than not, our hands are oily when using a laptop. We forget to clean our hands with soap and water before touching the laptop. This makes the touchpad oily. Once you notice that the touchpad is oily, you need isopropyl and cotton clothing.

Why Isopropyl?

Unlike water, alcohol is solvent in oil. This means that it can rid of the grease on your touchpad leaving it silky clean. For an oily touchpad, water alone cannot do a good job of cleaning the touchpad. You will also need cotton swabs if your touchpad has some corners.

So There Are Different Types Of Touchpads?

Yes. Different laptop models have different types of touchpads. It is good to be aware of this so that you know how to clean the laptop touchpad properly. One is the traditional touchpad which is usually below the keyboard. Commonly, traditional touchpads include two buttons to stand for right and left-click.

Then the buttonless touchpad as the name suggests does not have buttons. To replace the buttons, the surface of this touchpad can be pressed. This touchpad is the most common in modern laptops and the easiest to clean. Other touchpads include the static touchpad and the pointing sticks.

How Can I Prep Before Cleaning the Touchpad?

If you like preparing before engaging in any activities, this one is for you. It is essential to be aware of what to do before you begin cleaning. For instance, you should do the following before you clean the touchpad;

  • First, identify the areas that need a thorough cleaning. For example the buttons or the middle of your touchpad. This will help you know where to emphasize when cleaning for a better job.
  • Before you start cleaning, as mentioned earlier, switch off the laptop and disconnect any cable or charger that might have been plugged in before.
  • Ensure that every material that is to be used when cleaning the laptop is at your reach and ready so that you do not have to stop and fetch more materials in the middle of the cleaning process.

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Extra Tip On How To Clean Laptop Touchpad

There are extra precautions to ensure that the cleaning goes on smoothly and successfully. You can tell whether your laptop is too sensitive to dampness. If this is the case, you can use powder on the touchpad before you start cleaning with a damp cotton cloth.

The Dos And Don’ts On How To Clean Laptop Touchpad

The number one thing you should not do is spray or pour water or the isopropyl directly on the touchpad. This could be a disaster for the touchpad. Other don’ts include;

  • Avoid moving the liquids on top of the laptop when cleaning. This is to minimize the chances of pouring accidents on the touchpad or laptop.
  • When cleaning, do not be rough or put a lot of pressure on the touchpad. It is sensitive and could break down when too much pressure is put on it.

What is safe to do when cleaning the touchpad is use damp clothe instead of a soaking wet one. Also, take your time when cleaning to cover every part of the touchpad.

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When cleaning a laptop touchpad, caution is everything. It would be sad if you spoilt the touchpad while trying to clean it. We have covered the most important tips on how to clean a laptop touchpad. Considering that there are different types of touchpads, the tips given are applicable to any type of touchpad.

In case you notice that the touchpad is not working after cleaning it, contact laptop hardware for guidance on fixing a laptop touchpad. The good news is, with all the tips above, nothing could go wrong when cleaning the touchpad.


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