Blue Light On the Router But No Internet

blue light on but no internet

It can be so frustrating connecting to your WIFI but you lack internet access, especially when you badly want to use it. imagine having an apple right in front of your and not being able to eat it. This happens a lot and many of us encountered it in a way or another.

Even when we get the best router for our homes or businesses, we are not immune to experiencing router issues. sometimes, these issues cause inconsistent internet or internet disconnection at night.

While there are experts to handle these unfortunate situations, it is better to try some quick fixes before you rush to an expert. this should spare you a few dollars.

Blue light on the router but no internet maybe caused by technical errors like faulty drivers or adapters, issues with DNS, IP address issues, or when there is a change in the operating system. We suggest various solutions to fix this problem.

Possible Problem And Solution To Blue Light On But No Internet Connection Error

Check the Router

Try connecting multiple devices to the WIFI and check if the problem is the specific device or the router. If the internet works with other devices probably the problem might be in your device or its adapter. However, if the problem is mutual to all devices, then the problem lies with your router.

Now that you are sure the problem is the router you can proceed to fix it. Begin by restarting the router to clear the caches, fix problems with the software, and network issues. Suppose your router is separate from the modem, try restarting both after one minute shut down.

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Internet Connection Problems

It can be as a result of a broken cable or a problem with your internet provider. First, confirm If the internet light is on and is not flickering constantly. If the light is off or flickering, then communicate with your internet provider for help. This problem is beyond you and it is only them that can fix it.

Connected Device Problem

Other than the router, the problem might be your device. You may realize other devices are connecting except yours. The issue might be the adapter in your device. To fix this simply restart your device and you will be able to fix possible network and software problems.

 If the problem persists, then follow the steps below to fix it.

  • On your taskbar, right-click the network icon at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on troubleshoot problems.
  • Let the window automatically find the problem and fix it on your behalf.
  • If the problem is not fixed, the window will identify what is the problem exactly.
  • You can research online for the solution to that problem or visit an expert for help.

Conflict With the DNS Cache

A DNS cache is where recent web searches and website visits are stored for easy future access and quick loading. Sometimes the DNS cache gets corrupted due to; viruses, unauthorized domains, malicious codes from some sites, and technical glitches. Once your DNS gets corrupted it might prevent you from accessing the internet due to a mismatch in IP address.

The solution you have is to delete the cache by pressing windows + R and typing cmd. This will lead you to a command prompt; copy ipconfig/flushdns and press enter. Automatically you will have managed to flush the cache.  Restart your computer and confirm if the internet connects.

Ensure Your Wireless Modes Are Not Outdated

The speed and internet coverage in your router is highly influenced by the standard and wireless mode used. These standards are there to ensure there is uniformity across all the router models. The problem with the internet connection arises when there is a conflict between the standards in your router and device.

To fix this you will observe the steps below:

  • Check your router details by opening the command prompt and searching for ipconfig. On the default gateway, you will notice information on your router’s IP address.
  • Or find the information through GUI; visit the network and sharing center and double click your router. You will see the button written details, click it and your  router’s IP address will be visible
  • Browse the IP address and credentials to log into the router will be prompted.
  • Log in and find the wireless mode option right under wireless settings.
  • Update the wireless mode to the latest standards and save the changes.
  • Restart your router and verify if you have fixed the problem

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Conflict With the IP Address

The major reason for this is designating a similar IP address to several devices. If this is the case, then both devices will not connect at all to the internet. This conflict can be solved by selecting a new IP address for your device. If it does not work, contact the manufacturer for an upgrade in the firmware.

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Since the problem of having a blue light on your router with no internet connection is common but with no specific solution, be patient enough to keep trying the above solutions until the problem is fixed. By doing this, you will be able to go back to streaming a movie, browsing, and enjoying everything that comes with the net in no time.


Tom is a network engineer and a tech consultant. He spends his time solving networking problems while keeping tabs with the latest in the technology field.

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