Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM To 16GB?

Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM To 16GB

Upgrading laptop hardware is a better way to improve laptop performance than buying a new laptop. 

A RAM upgrade boosts the performance of your laptop significantly. The upgrade also enables the laptop to perform demanding laptop tasks with ease than before.

Apart from upgrading your laptop RAM, you can also upgrade your graphic card or hard disk. For instance, you can change from HDD to SSD. It is also possible to upgrade from a lower SSD to a higher capacity disk or from a lower HDD to a higher capacity disk.

During laptop maintenance, it is good to check whether your laptop for RAM, HDD, or SSD upgrades. Depending on how the laptop is built, it may be possible to make the upgrade, or you may be forced to buy a new laptop with the desirable features.

Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM To 16GB

If your laptop has 4GB or 8GB RAM, you can upgrade it to 16GB RAM. A RAM upgrade to 16GB is recommended, especially if you need your laptop to be more efficient and fast. 

Also, if you are using your laptop to run demanding tasks like gaming, video editing, photo editing, and programming, you should consider upgrading the RAM.

Does Upgrading RAM Make Laptop Faster

Upgrading RAM boosts laptop performance. For instance, if you upgrade from 8GB to 16GB, you will enjoy faster speed to run nearly every task like gaming or video editing. Upgrading your laptop RAM also makes it possible to run multiple tasks simultaneously. 

Which Is the Best RAM For a Laptop?

Essentially, the best RAM for a modern laptop is 8GB and above. If a laptop has 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB, it can perform basic functions like sending emails and studying, plus gaming, editing, streaming, and python programming.

Is 16GB a RAM Overdo?

16GB is not too much RAM. It is the perfect RAM for resource-demanding laptop tasks. 16GB RAM combined with a 256GB SSD, and a good processor is unstoppable in performance. If your laptop has 8GB or 4GB and you are thinking of making an upgrade, you will see a boost in performance.

Advantages Of Upgrading To 16GB RAM

Before making an upgrade, you must consider what you stand to gain. Here are some advantages of upgrading to 16GB RAM: 

  • Improved speeds in laptop performance
  • Ability to perform resource-demanding laptop tasks
  • A quality time when gaming with the laptop
  • Smooth use of applications and software
  • Limitless multitasking without lagging

Is 16GB enough for gaming?

16GB RAM is the ideal Ram for serious gaming. The memory is sufficient to game and run apps in the background. With 16GB, you can install new games in the future even without the need to upgrade.


If you are comparing how 16GB RAM vs. 32GB RAM perform, 32GB is a higher capacity RAM, and it can deliver better performance and speed than 16GB. However, this does not mean 16GB RAM is inefficient; it can deliver good performance for any laptop tasks from video editing to gaming.

For laptops that perform demanding tasks like running several apps concurrently, 32GB RAM is a great option. Sometimes, gamers prefer 32GB RAM and other high-end laptop features like the RGB keyboard for a fun gaming experience.

16GB RAM is reliable and sufficient. In many cases, a laptop only needs 32GB of RAM to secure future demands for memory. 32GB is a good option if you do not want to upgrade the laptop in the future.

How To Upgrade Laptop RAM

Before you upgrade the laptop RAM, check how much RAM is available. If you find out that you still have plenty of RAM available, upgrading it will not deliver significant differences in performance.

To upgrade RAM from 8GB to 16GB, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your laptop is switched off and unplugged from the adapter
  • Open the laptop panel to access the RAM
  • Check whether you have extra slots to install RAM
  • For laptops without extra slots, remove the current RAM and replace it with the upgrade

Does RAM Upgrade Solve All Laptop Performance Issues?

RAM can significantly improve the performance of your laptop, especially if you have been using a lower RAM than what your laptop demands. However, there are performance issues that a RAM upgrade cannot solve.

If you have are using a malfunctioned hard disk, it could cause lagging problems during laptop performance. Sometimes, it is the hard disc that needs an upgrade. The processor can also cause performance issues if it is not good enough.

There are more than a dozen issues that affect performance. Apart from a damaged disk, slow processor, other issues like a broken or clogged fan can strain your laptop and cause overheating. 


If your laptop is demanding more RAM, it is possible to upgrade laptop RAM to 16GB. An upgrade is necessary for enhanced laptop performance and efficient functioning. 16GB RAM is perfect for both low-demanding and high-demanding laptop tasks. 

Upgrading your RAM is easy, and you can choose DIY or hire a laptop technician to do it for you. While RAM upgrade boosts laptop performance, it does not solve all laptop performance issues as they could be caused by other hardware or software problems.


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