How Long Should I Charge My New HP Laptop?

How Long Should I Charge My New HP Laptop

Maintaining and prolonging the battery lifespan is an essential aspect of laptop maintenance, and this important work starts the moment you purchase your laptop. Many experts consider a laptop’s first charge the most important as it can help your laptop battery last longer

Typically, you need to charge your new laptop before using it. The question is, how long should you charge it for? Different brands suggest various durations prompting the question, how long should I charge my new HP laptop?

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How Long Should I Charge My New Hp Laptop?

HP recommends charging your new HP laptop for 24 hours to make sure it is completely charged, thus prolonging its life. You can leave your new HP laptop charging overnight. If you decide to use it during its first charge, keep it plugged in although it is best not to use your new computer until it’s completely charged.  Also, it would be best to avoid discharging your laptop completely because doing so frequently can lower its lifespan.

The Benefits of a New Laptop’s first charge

The first charge of a new laptop is of utmost importance regardless of the laptop’s brand and model. Fully charging your new HP laptop helps extend the battery’s lifespan. Secondly, new laptops are typically not fully charged when sold since they remain in storage for a while.

For this reason, the device’s software can properly calibrate when you charge your new laptop for the first time. This is essential because premature shutdown can occur if the laptop’s software mistakes the battery percentage as lower than it is.

Should You Charge Your New Hp Laptop Before Using It?

It is good practice always to charge your new laptop before use because it is not usually fully charged. Furthermore, your device may need a power boost to boot it up and set up. In addition, charging your new HP laptop gives it the power it requires to have the software working well after staying in storage for a prolonged time.

Should You Keep Your New HP Laptop Plugged In After It’s Fully Charged?

You should not worry about leaving your new HP laptop plugged in once it fully charges. This is because new laptop models switch to AC power after they fully charge and stop charging. Provided your laptop has a lithium-based battery, do not worry about overcharging it. The internal hardware keeps the battery from charging any longer unless the battery percentage drops below 100%.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that charging your laptop at high voltages, unless it is the first time, can lower its lifespan significantly. Studies show that charging your computer to 85 percent to 90 percent rather than 100 percent can boost the battery’s lifespan by at least six months up to a year.

In addition, the discharge cycle can quadruple by charging the laptop to 70% to 75%. This is the case because more computer energy is required to fill the final 3% of a laptop battery. This takes a toll on the lifespan of the battery but does not affect the charge level.

Not charging the laptop fully helps protect the battery’s lifespan. However, that means your computer will run out of charge much sooner, which is problematic if you are far from a charging station. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue by investing in a laptop power bank.

How Can You Boost Your New HP Laptop Battery Lifespan?

Besides not charging it to 100%, you can improve the battery life of your laptop through the following strategies:

1. Do Not Expose The Laptop To High Temperatures

Exposing a Lithium-ion battery to high temperatures for extended periods significantly deteriorates the cells, lowering its lifespan. For this reason, avoid keeping your laptop in areas like a hot car. Store your laptop in a 10 °C to 30 °C environment with a 30% to 50% charge. Also, remove the laptop battery if you do not intend to plug it in or turn on your laptop for over two weeks.

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2. Recharge it Sparingly

Charging your laptop frequently will make the battery deteriorate, making it drain so fast. Therefore, employ different strategies to prolong the battery life, ensuring you do not run out of charge quickly. Some techniques you can implement to conserve your laptop’s battery life include:

  • Running one application at a go, if possible.
  • Turning on power mode saver when not using intensive apps.
  •  Set laptop and display sleep settings.
  • Lower the screen brightness at night or when using your laptop indoors.
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you aren’t using them.

Final Remarks

For the sake of your battery’s lifespan and the efficient functioning of your laptop, charge your new HP laptop for 24 hours for its first charge. Moreover, adopt proper strategies to ensure the battery does not deteriorate quickly since a good battery is an essential component of a laptop.


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