How to Charge Laptop Battery Without a Laptop (Proven Alternatives)

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Charging a laptop battery without a laptop is the same as charging a laptop battery manually. Maybe you are in a situation where you need to charge your laptop battery but you do not have the laptop charger. Or probably the laptop charging port has issues.

Here is how to charge laptop battery without a laptop; using an adapter if your battery is capable of charging externally. Also, you can charge the battery with a similar laptop model if the charging port is the problem. With a compatible pin interface, you can use an external charger.

How to use an adapter to charge the laptop battery

As mentioned above, you can use an adapter to charge the laptop battery without a laptop. Adapters can charge a different laptop, battery model. They have pins that should be compatible with the laptop battery. Charging the laptop battery with an adapter is easy as long as the pins are compatible.

Can a non-removable laptop battery be charged externally?

Not all laptops come with detachable batteries, especially the new models. It is hard for a laptop with a non-detachable battery to be charged externally. For this to happen, you need a professional to help with it. Detaching the laptop parts to charge the battery separately will require professional tools too. There is also a risk of damaging the battery or other laptop parts during the detaching.

Detachable battery VS non-detachable

Newer laptop models have non-detachable batteries to facilitate the slim design. However great it is to have the slimmest laptop, having a detachable laptop battery has its advantages. Mainly, you can charge the battery externally if the charging port fails or if you don’t have access to a charger. Second, if you need to replace the laptop battery, it is easier for a detachable one.

Charging a laptop through a USB

If you cant access your charger, a USB can be used to charge the laptop. For this to be possible, your laptop should have a USB C port and cable. Most laptops manufactured after 2014 have USB port C. with this port, you can connect the laptop to a power bank or a USB charger. Ensure that the source of power matches the power requirements of your laptop to avoid any damage.

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Can a power bank fully charge a laptop battery?

Yes. A power bank can charge a laptop fully. If your battery is about to die and you have no means of charging it, a power bank can save the day. Using the USB ports, plug in the power bank to charge your laptop. If you are traveling to a place where you do not have access to electricity, carrying a power bank can go a long way in ensuring that you can use your laptop without running out of power.

Important things to know

When charging a laptop battery without a laptop, ensure that the means you use to charge the battery matches the power requirements for the battery. It is also good to understand the pins on your battery so that you can match them to the pins of the adapter.


Can a laptop work without a battery?

Yes, a laptop can operate with no battery. For this to happen, you need to plug it into a source of power and keep it plugged in. Keeping the laptop connected to a source of power allows it to work as a desktop.

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How can I charge a laptop without a charger?

If you forgot your charger at home or probably don’t have access to it, there are ways you can charge your laptop. Some of them we have mentioned, like charging the laptop through a power bank. The other way is through the USB C port and also through a universal adapter where you charge the laptop battery externally.

Is it possible to charge a laptop with HDMI?

Charging a laptop with HDMI is possible. However, this method of charging is only advised when there are no other available options for you to charge the laptop. For this to work, make sure that your laptop has an HDMI port. You will also need an HDMI cable.


Charging a laptop battery without a laptop is possible. As we have seen, you will need additional accessories like an adapter. Pin compatibility is necessary for such a procedure so that you can minimize battery damage possibilities. You will find that charging the laptop battery within the laptop is easier and more convenient unless you have no option.

It is hard to find a laptop model that is similar to yours. This is another method we have mentioned that can be used to charge the laptop battery. If you are researching how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop, then you probably have no alternative. I hope that the information given has enlightened you on how to charge laptop battery without a laptop.


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