How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button (Try This!)

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button

If this is your first time having a broken power button, then turning on your laptop might be an issue for you. Figuring out how to turn on a laptop without a power button can be tricky sometimes because it is not indicated in the laptop manual. You might be thinking, I must replace the power button first.

There are a few ways to turn on a laptop without a power button. One, you can use an external windows keyboard. You can also enable wake on LAN. The two methods are commonly used to turn on a laptop without a power button. Other methods include opening your laptop case or fixing the power button in the motherboard.

How To Turn On Hp Laptop Without Power Button

For Hp owners, there are a few methods of turning on your laptop without the power button.

Follow this to turn on the Hp laptop via the motherboard:

1.  Unplug the charger from the laptop

2.  Locate the power button on your laptop case and pull out the switch

3.  Ensure that you see several pins below the button

4.  Attach the pin via any conductor

5.  After attaching the pins to a conductor, the laptop should turn on

How To Turn Hp Laptop Using External Keyboard

As mentioned earlier in the intro, you can turn on a laptop using an external keyboard. This is how you do that:

1.  Go to settings on the start menu of your Hp laptop

2.      Select update and security

3.  Find the recovery option

4.  On the advanced setup with restart now, a new window will pop up, prompting you to troubleshoot

5.  Select advanced options

6.  Power management should be the next thing you see.

7.  Find power on by keyboard/wake on keyboard

8.  Select the key to turn on the Hp laptop with the keyboard

How To Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

Connecting the Electricity To the Motherboard

This is one way to turn on your Lenovo laptop. With the following steps, you will safely connect the motherboard directly to the power source:

1.  Open up your laptop case, disassemble it and access the motherboard

2.  Disconnect the cable that connects the power button to the motherboard

3.  Remove your laptop’s battery

4.  Plug in the laptop to automatically turn it on.

When using this method to turn on your laptop, you must be cautious about placing the battery back on the laptop after the laptop is on. This is because the cables are exposed.

Changing the Lid Settings On BIOS

After turning on your Lenovo laptop through a direct connection of electricity to the motherboard, you should prepare your laptop to turn on with the lid open. Follow these steps:

1.  Restart your Lenovo

2.  Bypass the boot menu by pressing F2 continuously

3.  Go to BIOS on the advanced option and look for power management

4.  Set your laptop to turn on the power while the lid is open

5.  Restart your laptop to ensure the settings work

6.  Close and open your laptop lid to see if it will turn on

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button

How To Turn On Dell Laptop Without Power Button

The modern Dell laptop has a special feature called wake on LAN. This feature can be used to turn on the laptop without the power button following these steps:

1.  Access the BIOS settings by pressing the F2 key continuously

2.  Your laptop will restart when you save changes and exit

3.  Right-click the start button

4.  Click on device manager then navigate to the network-manager

5.  Select properties on the menu

6.  On the power management, click allow the device to wake the laptop

7.  Save the changes

The other ways you can turn on the Dell laptops without a power button include; using an external keyboard as illustrated earlier, from the motherboard or connecting it directly to a socket.

How To Turn On Acer Laptop Without Power Button

One way to turn on your Acer laptop without the power button is through the keyboard. This requires setting it to wake by the keyboard. Our keyboard and mouse can turn on the laptop if your Acer laptop supports this. The other way you can turn it on without the power button through;

·         Using an external keyboard

·         Through the motherboard

·         Changing the lid settings on BIOS

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Although the power button is crucial when turning a laptop on, it is not impossible to have the laptop on when the power button is not working. There are few ways to this, and each one requires you to follow a few steps.

The easiest way to have your laptop on is by fixing the power button but if you are in a hurry and need the laptop on immediately, you can pick the easiest method to turn it on without the power button.


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