Is Starlink Available in My Area?

Is Starlink Available in My Area?

With Starlink now available, the days of relying on unreliable satellite internet are gone, especially for people living in rural areas. Starlink’s performance specifications and reviews are outstanding, but you cannot benefit if the coverage is not in your area.

Starlink is faster and has lower latency than other satellite internet services like Viasat and HughesNet. Therefore, it would be a great deal if you could access it. So, how do you find out whether Starlink is in your area?

Keep reading to find out.

Is Starlink Available in My Area? (Quick Answer!)

Starlink internet is accessible in 40 countries, including Canada, most states in the United States, and western Europe countries. The company aims to extend coverage to the remaining parts of the continental United States by the time 2023 ends. Check Starlink’s availability map to determine if the coverage is in your area. Starlink intends to extend its coverage to other countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and India; that’s why they are marked Coming soon in the coverage map.

How To Check If Starlink Is in Your Area

You must find out the availability status of Starlink in your area before signing up for the service. The process is pretty straightforward, and here is how to do so:

1. The Starlink Availability Map

This is an interactive map on the Starlink website showing which parts have full orders available and the ones with pre-orders. Besides allowing you to determine if Starlink is available in your area, it offers a detailed image of Starlink Service coverage.

Below is how to check your coverage using the Starlink availability map.

  • On your laptop or phone browser, go to
  • Enter your address, then click Order Now.
  • Check the order type available to you. It can be a full order or a reservation deposit.


If the service is available for order, you will be directed to the next page to pay the whole amount for Starlink hardware including the WiFi router.

The company will ask for a partial deposit if it is not currently available. This will put you on a 2023 waitlist. In addition, you will receive an email from Starlink once your device is ready for shipping. Ensure you confirm the ready-to-ship email sent by Starlink within seven days. You will lose the order if you fail to confirm the email, which puts you back on the waitlist, prolonging the time it will take to be connected to Starlink internet.

The availability status for Starlink is as follows:

AVAILABLE– Starlink is available for connection in the area.

WAITLIST– the Starlink service is presently at capacity, so you have to make an order for when the service becomes available in your area.

COMING SOON- the service is currently unavailable due to pending regulatory approval or service coverage.

2. Checking for Starlink Availability Using Plus Codes

This method comes in handy if you do not have or know your street address or if it does not show up. Keep in mind that you cannot use a zip code to check for availability.

You must find your area’s plus codes to use this method. Here is how to do so:

  • Open Google Maps on your phone or computer’s browser. Alternatively, open the Google Maps application.
  • Determine the location you need on Google maps, then click or tap it.
  • You will see your location’s longitude and latitude at the bottom of the map.
  • Click on these coordinates (longitude and latitude) to get the plus code.
  • Copy the plus code, then paste it on the Starlink availability service map’s address map to check the availability.

How to Get Starlink Straight Away

Starlink RV is your best bet if you do not want to wait for the long waitlist going up to 2023 to get a Starlink internet connection. The best part is Starlink RV is portable, so you do not have to find an alternative internet connection once you leave home.


The waitlist for Starlink can be over one year or just a couple of days. For instance, if your area is on the waitlist category, you will likely have to wait for a year. On the other hand, the waiting period can only be a few days if your area is categorized as available.

What Is a Starlink Coverage Map?

Besides the Starlink Availability map, the company also has another map known as the Starlink Coverage Map. It shows the service type you will receive from Starlink. While it resembles the availability map, its legend differs since it indicates high capacity, low capacity, and no coverage.


Currently, there are over 500,000 subscribers of Starlink spread across 40 countries. The number will increase as the service becomes available in more areas. In the United States, it is mostly present in the Northern states bordering Canada. These include Michigan and North Dakota. Also, towns and cities like Portland, Oakland, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Seattle. 


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