Microsoft Surface Laptop Won‘t Turn On [Try this First!]

Microsoft Surface Laptop Won‘t Turn On

Microsoft Surface is a reliable laptop for business and personal needs. Its slim design and lightweight make it possible to transit with it. This laptop brand also has excellent features that are highly competitive with other top world-class laptop brands like HP, Dell, and Lenovo, among others.

Laptop owners experience issues that can frustrate them. One of them is the laptop refusing to turn on. When your Microsoft surface laptop won’t turn on, there are several issues that could have contributed to this. One of them is power-related issues. When a laptop battery drains power, when the laptop has charging issues or any other power issues, it could result in the laptop failing to turn on.

5 Reasons Why Microsoft surface laptop won’t turn on

Before we identify solutions to our problem, let’s first find out why the Microsoft surface laptop won’t turn on.

Dead Battery

When a laptop’s battery is damaged, the laptop does not have any power supply unless plugged in. If you have been trying to turn on a Microsoft surface laptop with a dead battery, this will not work. Connect the laptop charger and try turning on your laptop to confirm whether it’s a battery issue.

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Overheating is a bad thing for Microsoft surface laptops. It causes power issues and possible hardware damage. When a laptop is overheated, it could refuse to turn on, or it could turn on and off when using it.

Power Connection

If you plug in your laptop charger wrongly, the laptop will not charge. This cause it not to turn on. The same happens when the socket is faulty.

Spoilt Charger

The laptop charger can sometimes have issues. Try using another charger with your Microsoft surface laptop to see if it turns on.

Virus Attack

If you have not installed an antivirus on your Microsoft surface laptop, it is vulnerable to virus attacks. Virus or malicious software attacks causes laptops to develop issues and can result in laptop refusing to turn on.

Simple Fixes For Microsoft Surface Laptop Won’t Turn On

Do not be anxious about the laptop if it won’t turn on. There are simple DIY ways to fix the Microsoft surface laptop. Do not rush to an expert, as you could be spending money on a service that you can do at home, and within a few minutes. Before you plan to rush to a laptop hardware/software expert, try this:

Charge Your Laptop

Sometimes, we assume the easiest ways to fix problems. Maybe your laptop simply has no charge. Plug in your laptop charger and leave it for a while before you turn it on. Sometimes, we forget to switch off the laptop and it depletes its charge.

Hard reset the laptop

Draining laptop power residue is another way to fix the issue. To hard reset your laptop, do this;

  1. Unplug the laptop charger
  2. Remove any external devices like mouse, USB cable, HDMI, and any others
  3. Remove the laptop battery
  4. Long press the power button for around 30-40 seconds
  5. Plug in your charger and switch the laptop on


If overheating is the reason your Microsoft surface laptop won’t turn on, waiting is a solution. When the laptop is overheated, it needs time to cool down. Give it a few hours before switching it on again.

Check Your Laptop Charger and Power Socket

Try charging your laptop from another socket and see if it turns on. If it does, you need to fix the socket because it is the issue.

Charger Replacement

If you have tried charging your Microsoft surface laptop with another charger and it works, maybe your charger is faulty and needs replacement.

Battery Replacement

A dead battery’s only solution is a replacement. If your Microsoft surface laptop turns on when plugged in, but won’t turn on when the battery is charged, then you need a new laptop battery.

Try a Laptop Expert

Maybe after trying all the suggested solutions, and your Microsoft surface laptop still won’t turn on, you can get it checked out by a laptop expert. Remember to check if the person handling your laptop is a legit laptop expert, as an incompetent laptop professional could cause more harm to your laptop. The worst case is your laptop being dead and the experts recommend you buy a new laptop.

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Many laptop owners have had an issue with their laptop not turning on. The hopeful part about this is that it is possible to fix this issue by yourself within minutes. There are instances where all you have to do is wait a few hours and then turn your laptop back on, this mostly works if the issue was overheating.

It is important to practice the simple solutions to fix a Microsoft surface laptop that won’t turn on, as this gives you more experience in handling such a case in the future. This article has covered the simplest ways to fix this issue to save you the cost of paying an expert for the same.


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