MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red (Try THIS Fix First!)

MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red

MSI Laptops have the best features for gaming. They deliver great performance in gaming with their powerful processor. MSI Laptops also are great for medium-end needs. Laptop owners experience issues when it comes to laptop maintenance. In many cases, the laptop gives a warning before or when laptop hardware or software is faulty. For laptop battery issues, MSI laptops will often give a signal through a red blink on the laptop battery light.

MSI laptop battery light blinking red is an indication that the laptop is not charging efficiently. If your MSI laptop is plugged in and you see the laptop light blinking red, the battery is not getting charged. The laptop’s light blinking red also means that the battery is low on battery and needs to be plugged in. For most laptops, when the battery is low, the laptop warns you on the screen.

Why Is MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red

First, we need to figure out why the MSI laptop battery light is blinking red. Some of the probable causes are charging-related. It might be:

Damaged Battery

When the laptop battery is faulty, it does not charge properly, making the laptop light blink red. When a laptop battery starts to deteriorate, it ends up becoming a dead laptop battery.

Faulty Power Connection

Maybe your socket or extension has power issues. When you are dealing with a faulty socket or extension, you cannot charge your laptop reliably. To confirm if it’s a faulty socket causing your MSI laptop light to blink red, try plugging in the laptop charger in another socket.

The Laptop Charger Has Issues

Laptop chargers get damaged too. When you have a faulty laptop charger, the laptop light will blink red because the battery is not getting any charge in. Try charging your laptop with another compatible MSI charger to confirm if you have a faulty laptop charger.

Tip: When charging your MSI laptop, ensure that the charger is properly plugged into the socket and in your laptop. Sometimes, failure to plug in the laptop charger properly results in the laptop battery not charging at all.

Solutions For MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red

Connect Laptop Charger Properly

Ensure that the AC adapter and the code are properly connected. Also, ensure that the laptop charger is properly connected to the socket.

Replace the Laptop Battery

If your MSI laptop battery is faulty or dead, replacing it is the only solution. Laptop Battery price depends on the laptop model. When replacing the laptop battery, it’s best to buy from an MSI laptop shop to get the specific laptop battery.

Fixing Faulty Sockets

If your wall socket is faulty and charging your laptop is not possible, maybe it’s the push you need to fix the wall socket. Remember, a faulty wall socket can cause extreme damage to your laptop or any electronic devices when plugged in.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset is an effective way to fix laptop issues, including the MSI laptop battery light blinking red. Hard reset can also fix a laptop touchpad that refused to work. To hard reset your MSI laptop, do this:

  • Turn the MSI laptop off
  • Disconnect the laptop charger and other external devices
  • Remove the MSI laptop battery
  • Press and hold the power button for half a minute
  • Turn on your MSI laptop and check whether the laptop battery light is still blinking red

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How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Long

Laptop batteries sometimes drain so fast that we don’t get to enjoy the laptop without plugging it in. Even for new laptop batteries, this issue can occur, especially if you are a frequent laptop user. To make your laptop battery last longer, try these tips:

  • Allow the laptop battery to be fully charged before unplugging the charger. A full battery will last longer than a half-charged battery. Unplugging the laptop battery before it’s fully charged also causes the battery to deteriorate.
  • Reduce laptop brightness when using it. The higher the laptop brightness, the faster the laptop drains.
  • Close background apps running when gaming or doing demanding tasks on your laptop.
  • Do laptop maintenance on a routine
  • Take care of the laptop hardware like the laptop fans
  • Avoid spilling liquids on your laptop

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MSI laptop battery blinking red is a signal that your laptop battery is not charging well. Fixing this issue involves fixing the way the battery charges. A faulty laptop battery, damaged socket, faulty charger, or poor laptop charger connection are the most probable cause of the laptop not charging effectively.

A dead/ damaged laptop battery can only be replaced. It is important to maintain your laptop battery by practicing proper charging habits and the power-saving tips listed above. While replacing a laptop battery is not as expensive as buying a new one, it will still cost you more than maintaining it.


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