Why Won’t My Dell Laptop Turn On? [Solved]

Why Won't My Dell Laptop Turn On

Dell is one of the best laptop models to own. The laptop brand has varieties to choose from and has quality laptops. It is not strange when a laptop suddenly won’t turn on, and dell laptops are not immune to this issue. If it has happened to you, do not overthink about losing your laptop, for there is a solution to this.

Power problems are one of the reasons why your dell laptop won’t turn on. When a laptop battery is dead, the laptop cannot turn on. The other power issue could be that your charger is faulty. If you have tried turning in your dell laptop while it is connected to power and it’s not turning on, the charger could be faulty.

Why Won’t My Dell Laptop Turn On: Top Reasons

Power Issues

If your laptop’s battery has been having issues, it could be the reason why your dell laptop won’t turn on. Other power issues include a faulty charger, faulty charging port, and faulty power outlet.


When a laptop overheats, it might develop power issues. This includes the laptop failing to turn on. Another overheating laptop power issue is suddenly turning off when using the laptop.

Malicious Attack On Laptop

When there’s malicious software or a virus that has attacked your laptop, it could cause your dell laptop not to turn on. Software attacks are dangerous on the laptop and could cause serious issues.

Liquid Spillage

Pouring tea, coffee, water, or any other fluid on the laptop causes damage. This can result in the laptop failing to turn on.

Hardware Damage

If a laptop is mishandled, it ends up damaged. Laptop hardware is delicate and gets damaged when not handled with care. Damages on the power button, motherboard, and other delicate laptop parts will make the dell laptop not turn on.

How To Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On Problem

Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset on dell’s laptop can solve the problem. To perform a hard reset on a Dell laptop, this is what you should do:

  1. Disconnect power from the laptop. That is the charger
  2. Remove the laptop battery
  3. Disconnect external devices from the laptop
  4. Long press the power button for half a minute to drain the remaining power
  5. Connect the laptop to power

After the steps above, switch on your laptop to check if the hard reset worked to solve the dell laptop issue.

Check the Laptop Charger

When you plug in your laptop charger, the laptop should have a charging light signal on. If you do not see the signal on your dell laptop when plugged in, this could mean the charger is damaged. To confirm this, use another laptop charger that is compatible with your laptop to charge. If it works, and your laptop turns on, then you should replace the laptop charger.

Check the Laptop Battery

A faulty battery interferes with the laptop switching on. To solve this, remove the laptop battery and then plug in your laptop charger. Try switching on the laptop. If the laptop turns on, the battery is the issue. The solution to a damaged laptop battery is to replace it.

Tip: sometimes, one is not sure how to remove the laptop battery. For this case, refer to your dell laptop manual to get the guidelines.

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Scan the Laptop

A virus or malware attack causes the laptop not to turn on. Investing in a good antivirus is a great solution. The antivirus scans for any malicious software and alerts you when your laptop is vulnerable to an attack

Get the Laptop Checked By a Hardware Expert

If you recently spilled liquid on your Dell laptop or had any laptop hardware accident, the issue could be hardware damage. Identify laptop hardware professional to help you solve the laptop issue. Repairing laptop hardware needs extreme care, this should be done by an expert.

Fix Overheating Issues

Overheating can cause a Laptop’s failure to turn on. Preventing overheating is the most recommended solution. To prevent your dell laptop from overheating, try this:

  • Use a laptop cooling pad. Laptop cooling pads are great for laptop overheating issues
  • Update any outdated laptop drivers
  • Check the laptop cooling system condition
  • Clean the laptop fans regularly
  • When gaming, close any other app running in the background
  • Take your laptop for routine maintenance

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Getting anxious when your dell laptop won’t turn on doesn’t have to be the case. One of the solutions discussed above should work for you. When the laptop won’t turn on, it’s a hardware or software issue.

 Some of the reasons that cause laptops not to turn on could be prevented by being more careful when using your laptop. Avoid pouring liquids on the laptop, invest in a good antivirus, and do regular laptop maintenance. Also, check the condition of your laptop battery now and then. Some laptop issues do not have to cost you a new laptop, they can be solved from home or by a laptop expert. When it comes to getting your laptop checked by an expert, be sure to take it to a trustworthy professional.


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