How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has (Quick Answer)

How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has

Have you been asked what battery your laptop has and you didn’t know the exact answer? This is not strange. Many laptop owners do not know the exact battery on their laptops. It is easy to know the laptop specs and battery life, but to tell more details about the laptop battery is not common.

The most direct way to tell the battery your laptop has is by accessing the laptop battery. Unplug your laptop charger if it is plugged in, unplug other external devices connected to your laptop, and make sure your laptop is switched off before unplugging. Next, carefully remove your laptop battery, then read the details written on the laptop battery.

How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has

Via the Manufacturer’s Website

Your manufacturer has the details of all the laptop models in their stores. This information includes all the specs and tiny details. To know what battery your laptop has, check your laptop model, then view the laptop details on the manufacturer’s website. This method is convenient especially if you do not have your laptop near you.

Removing the Battery

Earlier on, we mentioned that the laptop battery can be detached to access the details about the battery. For successful battery removal, make sure that the laptop is turned off. After removing the battery, check the details indicated on the laptop battery. You can take a photo or write the details down so that you can put the battery back on the laptop.

Professional Tool

You can find out what battery your laptop has through a professional tool. However, you might need a professional to help you. One of the professional software to identify the battery your laptop has is battery care. It is downloaded and installed on the laptop to identify the battery model.

How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has

Why You Should Know the Battery Your Laptop Has

Knowing the details about your battery is as important as knowing laptop specs like RAM, display resolution, processor, connection ports, and screen size. This is why you should know the battery your laptop has:

For Replacement

In case you need to replace your laptop battery, you need to know the model and specifications. This ensures you get the right battery without struggle. It’s helpful especially when one decides to buy the battery online.


Laptops need routine maintenance. When you take the laptop for maintenance, the laptop parts might be switched without your knowledge. To avoid this and enhance security for your laptop, the details of your laptop battery should be noted. Also, if your laptop is maintained by a third party, confirm if all the hardware parts are the same for the laptop.

Laptop Battery Issues

Laptop Battery Draining Fast

Laptop owners experience battery draining fast. This is regardless of whether it’s an HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, or any other laptop model. If a battery is not maintained properly, it sometimes develops this issue. Sometimes, even new laptop batteries drain fast.

Battery Refusing To Charge

Sometimes, you might plug in the battery and realize that no charge is going into the battery. This could mean that the laptop is damaged and needs replacement. However, the battery refusing to charge is not entirely the battery’s fault. It could be a dysfunctional charger or a damaged socket.

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Dead Battery

When you have a dead battery situation, your laptop cannot turn on when the charger is not connected. This is because the battery is no longer functional, and you have to use your laptop in desktop mode.

How To Find What Battery My Laptop Has

How To Maintain the Laptop Battery

Laptop battery maintenance contributes to laptop battery longevity. To maintain your laptop battery, apply this:

Charging the Battery Properly

When your laptop gives a low battery notification, plug in the charger. Also, wait for the laptop to have a full charge before unplugging it.

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Minimize Screen Brightness

To prevent the battery from draining fast, minimize the laptop brightness and use the minimum you’re comfortable with. A bright screen drains the battery very fast

Turn Off Background Apps

When using your laptop, turn on background apps running, and switch off wireless connections when not in use.

Avoid Spilling Fluids On the Laptop

Do not drink or eat near the laptop to avoid spilling on the laptop. Spilling fluids on the laptop not only damages the battery but also other laptop parts.


Being aware of the battery your laptop has is essential for laptop owners. This helps when you need to replace the laptop battery and also helps to keep your laptop hardware safe from malicious hardware theft. Knowing the specs of your laptop hardware is also good for laptop hardware replacement.

Laptop issues are preventable through proper laptop care. To prevent your laptop battery from draining fast, charge the battery properly, turn off background apps and minimize the display brightness.


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