Why Is My Router Blinking Red? (Try This First)

Why is My Router Blinking Red

The LED lights on your modem or router indicate your networking equipment’s operational status. 

They offer crucial insights into internet performance. If you are familiar with the meaning of the lights on your modem, you can quickly troubleshoot the internet and get back online.

Read on to learn what the various lights mean on your network device, plus how to fix various router issues.  

Why is My Router Blinking Red?

A blinking red light on your router means there is a problem with your internet connection. When the internet light blinks red, it alerts you that the router cannot establish an internet connection. You can fix the red light by restarting your router, checking for any faulty cables, or resetting the router to its default settings. If the issue persists, contact your local ISP.

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Router and Modem Lights

A router is integral to your network ecosystem because it enables internet signals to flow throughout your premises. Most come as compact boxes with ports, buttons, and LED lights with symbols.  

Below is a list of the possible icons you might find on your router LEDs:

  • Power: Indicates whether the router is on.
  • Coax / DSL: Shows connectivity to your local provider through DSL or coax cables.
  • Receive / Downstream (DS): Indicates whether the modem is receiving data.
  • Send / Upstream (US): This shows if the modem is sending data.
  • Internet: Indicates current internet connection status.
  • Ethernet / Link: This lets you know if external devices are connected to the router through Ethernet.
  • Wi-Fi / WLAN / Wireless: Displays Wi-Fi connectivity status.
  • Secure / WPS: Informs you whether your modem is connected to WPS-compatible devices.

One of the most notable things on your router is the varying colors of its LED indicators. The colors vary in different scenarios, like when the internet is down. Interpreting these lights on time allows you to fix the issue quickly.

LED Indicator Colors

Different LED colors indicate specific problems. The following are the common colors on popular router brands such as Spectrum, Verizon, and AT&T.


Just like traffic signals, green means GO!

So, if the lights on your modem are green, it shows that the modem is working at its best capacity.

Orange, Amber, or Yellow

A yellow light on your modem usually warns about an issue with your networking equipment.

If the lights on your modem change from green to yellow, it’s time to investigate what is amiss in your network.


Continuing with the traffic lights analogy, a red light tells you there is a serious problem with your networking equipment.

When this color appears, your networking experience can quickly change from smooth and fast to a complete stop.

A red power light alerts you that your network device lacks enough power from the supply source. It could also mean that there is a software or hardware failure.

If the coax light is red, your router is unable to detect the internet service provider’s core network. On the other hand, red internet lights may show that your router needs authentication.

Modem Indicator Status

Other than changing colors, LED indicators on your router change their activity. They either stay solid or flash quickly. Modem LED lights can  also go off or “black.”

Solid Lights

When modem lights stay steady without blinking, it has various meanings. A solid green light signifies that your hardware is working optimally with a stable internet connection. Solid yellow or orange light may indicate some form of processing on the router.

A solid red light alerts you to problems in your networking device that needs immediate attention.

Flashing or Blinking Lights

Router lights constantly flashing, flickering, or blinking requires urgent inspection.

When your router’s power light flashes, the device is performing updates. Blinking DSL lights show that the router is searching for or establishing a connection to the internet service provider’s core network.

Blinking upstream and downstream lights displays data transmission between the router and your internet provider. In contrast, a blinking internet light lets you know that the router is trying to detect the network configuration.

Why Is My Router Blinking Red? – Spectrum

Spectrum routers support both blinking and solid red lights. These lights indicate an ongoing issue with the router or network.

A blinking Spectrum router red light means that your router is experiencing problems when trying to establish an internet connection. A network outage often causes a flashing red light.

On the other hand, a solid red light on your Spectrum router signifies a critical hardware issue that hinders normal router operation. It can also mean that the router detected an error. Contact Spectrum support if your Spectrum router has a solid red indicator.

Why Is My Router Blinking Red? – Verizon

The red globe on your Verizon router shows the status of its internet connection. It helps you troubleshoot various problems with your network.

When running optimally, this globe is usually white. It changes to red once your router encounters various issues.

If your Verizon router has a solid red globe, the router cannot connect to the internet. If it’s flashing slowly, then there is a gateway problem. The Verizon routers’ globe can also bling fast, indicating that the router is overheated and needs to cool down.  

Why Is My Router Blinking Red? – AT&T

There are multiple reasons why the broadband light on your AT&T router might blink red. Some common causes for this visual alert are:

  • The AT&T servers may be down
  • Your device might have a problem with the power supply
  • Faulty connections preventing connection to servers
  • The router might need a software update
  • Hardware issues

If you are unsure of the cause of the blinking light, you need to investigate further through trial and error. 

Fixing Red Lights on Router

A red broadband light on your wireless router usually means an issue with the internet connection. Below are some tips to help resolve the blinking red light:

  • Restart your router and modem.
  • Check for and fix any faulty cable connections.
  • Reset the device to default settings.

If you think there is an internet outage, contact your local internet service provider.


How do I reset a router?

Reset your router by switching off the device and unplugging all cables. Then wait a few minutes before plugging back all the cables and switching the router on. 

After how long should I reboot my router?

Restart your router once each month. Also, reboot your network device each time you suspect an internet outage or experience a slow connection. 


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