HP Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On [Try This FIX First)

HP Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On

When a laptop won’t turn on after several attempts of pressing the power button, one can easily panic. Believe me, this happens often and has happened to almost everyone who’s owned a laptop before. This mostly has something to do with power issues and is rectifiable.

The Hp Envy laptop won’t turn on because the battery might be depleted of charge. When the battery does not have any charge left, your Hp envy will not turn on. If you are sure that your laptop battery has a charge, then there might be a disconnect with your laptop hardware.

What To Do When Hp Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On

First, check the health of your battery to ensure that it is okay. check whether the battery is fixed properly if it is a removable battery. It is also important to check whether the battery has a charge. If your battery has depleted charge, you need to plug it in before you try switching on your laptop again.

Once you confirm that the battery level is okay and your laptop still does not turn on, it’s time to check whether the external devices connected to your laptop are the ones causing issues. What you need to disconnect are external devices such as the printer, USB devices, LAN cables, and any other devices. External devices can cause hardware conflict with Hp Envy, causing it to have issues.

You can also hard reset the laptop. This is how you do it:

1.  Make sure your laptop is off

2.  Disconnect all external devices

3.  Disconnect your laptop from the power

4.  Remove the battery

5.  Press the power button and hold for 30 seconds

6.  Connect your laptop to the power supply without the battery

7.  Press the power button for the laptop to switch on

8.  Connect the laptop battery back

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HP Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On

Other Options To Explore When Hp Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On

Maybe you have tried all the above methods to get your laptop to switch on but it’s not working. Try this;

·         Install windows update for your Hp Envy

·         Update device drivers.

Tips On Updating Device Drivers

Outdated device drivers cause many unexpected laptop issues like the laptop refusing to turn on. You might find that the other issues with your laptop are due to outdated drivers. Outdated drivers can lead to:

·         Touchpad failure

·         Laptop refusing to turn on

·         Overheating

·         Faulty fan

·         Screen issues

HP Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On

How to update Hp Envy Drivers

Drivers are updated either manually or automatically. When updating the drivers manually, you need to visit the website of your computer’s manufacturer and select the drive that is compatible with your operating system to download.

Automatic driver update requires you to download the driver easily to help you with the update. After installing the driver easily on your laptop, click scan for it to identify issues with the driver. Click update all to have all the drivers updated. After the update, it is important to restart your laptop.

How To Force Start Hp Envy

·         Switch the laptop

·         If the power code is plugged in, you need to unplug it

·         Disconnect any devices from your

·         Remove your laptop from any docking station

·         Press and hold the power button for around 15 seconds

·         Plug in the power code

What You Need To Know About the Power Button

The power button gives the signal for the power supply within your laptop. After this, the CPU requests the BIOS to give instructions to start up the computer system. Pressing the power button does not damage the computer system, it is safe to use the power button even when shutting down your laptop.

The power button should be pressed and held to start your Hp laptop. It is okay to press the button for more than 30 seconds when dealing with laptop switching on issues or when simply switching it on.

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How Long Can One Press the Power Button?

When turning on your laptop, the power button can be pressed for about 30seconds or more. This is safe and will not do any harm to the power button.

Can I Update Drivers Automatically?

It is possible to update drivers automatically using drivers easily. Automatic update is easy because it scans the compatible version of your operating system.


To avoid another frustration when your Hp Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On, ensure that the drivers are up to date. Make any updates that your laptop needs on time to avoid issues. It is also good to invest in quality software for the proper functioning of your laptop.

Power issues may also be linked to a faulty battery, and charging issues and it’s important to check on them as highlighted above. Laptop refusing to turn on happens often, and sometimes, it could be a simple issue that you can fix in a matter of minutes.


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