Is MSI a Good Laptop Brand?

Is MSI a Good Laptop Brand

Before investing in a laptop brand, it is important to find out what to expect from it.

Laptop brands have different designs, hardware quality, and ways of functioning, depending on the brand. Some of the top laptop brands that are popular in the market include HP, Dell, Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, and MSI.

Each laptop brand is known for excellence in certain functions. For instance, MSI is known for its outstanding gaming laptops, while HP is known for its affordable business laptops.

While the specs of a laptop are what give it the ability to perform certain functions, the brand contributes to the longevity and productivity of the laptop. 

Here is what to expect when you buy an MSI laptop.

Is MSI a Good Laptop Brand

MSI is a great laptop brand. The brand was recognized as the 4th top laptop brand in 2015. Furthermore, MSI has topped the Asian laptop brands. It is a reliable laptop brand, not only for gaming laptops but it can also be used as a college laptop, video editing laptop, or even Djing. 

What Makes MSI a Good Laptop Brand?


One notable innovation done by the MSI laptop brand is the RGB mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is perfect for gamers because they allow individual pressing of keys. Gamers who prefer desktops because of the mechanical keyboard now have the option of using a laptop with a mechanical keyboard.

MSI laptop brand also features slim gaming laptops. The MSI GS66 Stealth is an ultra-slim gaming laptop with excellent hardware. This design allows portability for gamers who move around.

MSI also invented an app- MSI app player that accommodates android games on the laptop. This allows gamers to play their game apps that would otherwise be allowed only on the phone.

The Ambient Link Technology, an innovation by MSI, takes the gaming experience to another level by allowing one to immerse into the game.

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Laptop Design

In design uniqueness, MSI has outdone many other laptop brands by offering originality. The laptops feature a closely related design, with a touch of a gamer’s style. The casing on MSI laptops are aluminum, increasing the longevity of these laptops.

Although most gaming laptops are heavy and sometimes bulky, MSI features slim laptops that you can carry in your backpack. This brand also incorporates a silver professional look in some of its laptops, for instance, the MSI creator P65 laptop.

Laptop Specs

MSI laptops are high-end and come with amazing laptop specs. The MSI laptop brand designs laptops with reliable RAM, with most of its laptops equipped with 32GB RAM. MSI features a dedicated GPU for its gaming laptops.

The laptop brand offers high-quality FHD for its laptop, and large laptop displays of even 17’’. The laptops have sufficient storage capacity. They feature SSD which makes the laptop faster than one with HDD. 

Is MSI a Good Gaming Laptop?

MSI is an amazing laptop brand. It delivers high competition for other gaming laptop brands. Some of the top features that make MSI a good gaming laptop are:

MSI is a gaming brand that specializes in manufacturing only the best gaming laptops. Although expensive, MSI gaming laptops are worth the dollars spent. Check out some of the best MSI gaming laptops:

MSI Pulse GL66 Gaming Laptop

Newest MSI GF63

MSI GE76 Raider Gaming Laptop

Is MSI an American Company?

MSI is not an American company. It is a Taiwanese company. Although it is Taiwan-based, MSI is an international company with deliveries in over 120 countries. The company has operations in 37 countries. MSI has risen to compete fiercely with other giant laptop brands, especially in the gaming area.

The 35-Year-old company has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Apart from laptops, MSI also manufactures desktops, notebooks, graphics cards, barebones, communication devices, and car infotainment products.

MSI Laptop Brand Shortcomings

Even the best laptops have some flaws. The shortcomings however do not discredit how amazing MSI laptops are. Some of the notable flaws with MSI laptops are:


Is MSI a Well-Known Laptop Brand?

MSI is well known worldwide, especially for its high-end gaming laptops.

Who Makes MSI Laptops?

MSI laptops are made by Micro-Star International company based in Taiwan.


MSI is a great laptop brand. It is an internationally recognized laptop brand for its high-quality gaming laptops. Its gaming laptops have the best features such as dedicated GPU, sufficient RAM, SSD, a good cooling system, and FHD, among others. MSI is a Taiwanese company that sells its laptops globally.

The MSI brand has managed to get to the top laptop brand list via its numerous and continued innovations featured in the laptops. Although MSI laptops have a short battery life, they are among the best in gaming.


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