Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Switch Overview 2024: Best Bang For the Money?

Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Review

Although the signal clarity of modern wireless technology is more refined than in the past years, wired networks remain the best quality signal producers even in the conditions where wireless networks would fail.

Unfortunately, not many routers are created to integrate with wired networks. However, after several months Netgear Company produces updated devices of wireless routers designed with lower latency, increased bandwidth, and minimized rate of loss.

Therefore, if you want to consolidate your current router with an auxiliary wired networking extension, a switch user is the perfect solution. At best, switches are typically pricier but their performance delivery is huge.

Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Switch is the latest unit in the Nighthawk production line. It comes with multiple features geared towards massive bandwidth users and gamers looking for nothing but superior quality. Even better, we have conducted a detailed overview of the Nighthawk S8000 to determine its performance, specs, and components to help you decide whether this is the right fit for your home network.

How Does Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Switch Perform?


For you to understand how the S8000 switch will boost the performance of your network, let’s take a quick check at how they work. Switches are devices that split a single Local Area Network from a router port into several external ports. Generally, Nighthawk switches broadcast each traffic to its required destination.


Seven devices connected to a Netgear S8000 switch will have speedy ping time than when connected directly into the router. Therefore, the Nighthawk switch is an excellent improvement for slashing the ping time for any terminus it’s connected to.

Networking Software

Apart from performance, Netgear S8000 comes with significant software key features that can help to improve the latency of your network. By accessing the Quality of service interface (Q.O.S) through the web panel, you receive information about the networking technology and customizing features to tweak your Nighthawk switch further. You can choose to turn on more lights or configure its IP address.


S8000 switch allows you to configure specific ports and assign them to specific IP addresses. This increases the performance speed of your router to almost that of a switch. It is a great tweak especially for gamers using a locally hosted network rather than online servers. Similarly, you’ll be able to set up Vlans that separate your gaming sessions from other congested networks.

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Streaming 4K high-resolution videos and audio at the speed of light can be stimulating. Nighthawk S8000 enables you to stream and transfer 4K files at high speeds via multiple devices, you just plug into your router and connect them to your PC or smart TV.


Configuration allows you to set profile ports for the devices of your choice. That means you can set up your gaming console to enjoy maximum juice. Nighthawk S8000 has preset port No. 1 for your gaming device while port No. 2 has been designed for your streaming device. Therefore, your online tourney does not have to slow down when some else is streaming Netflix.

Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Review

Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Media Streaming and Gaming Switch Specs

  • Gigabit: 8 ports Ethernet S8000 switch
  • Power: LED on/off separately controlled
  • Packet Buffer Memory: 192 KB
  • Latency: 2.7µ on a non-congested network
  • Temperatures: 0º to 40º C (32º to 104ºF)
  • Software Standard: IEEE802.3az

Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Gaming and Streaming Switch Overview

The Netgear Nighthawk S8000 is surely going to turn heads, its 8-port GB Ethernet switch is versatile, ultra-performance, and easy to configure network switch modeled for high-tech pro gaming. 

S8000 offers 4K UHD online media streaming and home networking connections that present low latency, exceptional port prioritization, and an easily customized Quality of Service interface for an amazing experience with complex applications. The real-time fast gaming dashboard offers a great GUI interface with auto-diagnostics network insights and near-zero latency for maximum gaming sensation.

Additionally, for advanced configuration, the Nighthawk switch is designed with a user-friendly intuitive mobile-optimized web browser, pre-configured with single-click optimized settings. It features a postmodern super-sleek design that makes S8000 a perfect router for apartments or small offices.

This switch is built with a sturdy construction frequently tested for quality, performance, and reliability and found to exceed the set standards needed for a robust stable network infrastructure. Its stylish zinc-alloy exterior produces a cool touch compatible with the inbuilt silent fanless design for noise-sensitive environments to reduce added noise to zero.

However, Netgear Nighthawk S8000 cannot be used as a standalone device. That said, for you to benefit from the features it has to offer, you must pair it with a competent router. Therefore, if you are just after basic connectivity, this probably isn’t your best fit.


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Power saving and energy-efficient
  • Optimized for gaming and streaming media
  • Multiple Gigabit ports for extensive LAN users
  • A whisper-quiet operation to fit in noise-sensitive environments


  • Cannot work as a standalone device.

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FAQs About Netgear Nighthawk S8000

Will Nighthawk switch work on regular home internet?

Yes, the S8000 switch works perfectly with regular home internet and it’s compatible with any device you would like to connect directly. It will not boost the speed of your router and does not have wireless capabilities. Netgear switch only allows hardwired connections between your home router and your device as a port multiplier for your router.

Does the S8000 switch work with AT&T Wi-Fi?

The Nighthawk Switch is a Hardware Ethernet that connects a home router and any device you want to connect with a hardwired rating of RJ45 Ethernet cabling. If your AT&T Wi-Fi router has Ethernet ports on the rear, then the S8000 can allow extra ports to be connected.

Will the Netgear Nighthawk Switch Give Less Lag On the PS4?

We moved to a bigger house and my son is having trouble with the internet connection, will S8000 fix it when the PS4 is the only device hooked up to it?

As long as the hooked-up PS4 is wired rather than wireless the lag problem can be resolved. Probably, wireless might be the one giving him the lag snag.   

Is Nighthawk s8000 a Router?

Yes. The Nighthawk S8000 is already the fastest Wi-Fi router in the market with an 8GB port Ethernet switch. A family extension of Netgear Nighthawk known for quality and high-performance routers

How Do I Set Up My Netgear Nighthawk s8000?

For you to access your Netgear S8000 management interface, first you need to locate its IP address via your web browser, plug your S8000 into the power adapter, open windows explorer, select network, enable the network discovery mode, and locate Nighthawk S8000 under the network infrastructure.      


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